7 Signs He's Not Ready For A Commitment

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The two of you have been together for sometime. You’re starting to wonder if marriage is in your future. Could it be you’re simply indulging a commitment phobic guy? To make sure this is not happening, you must look at the signs, the clues, his words and actions. You can then determine if you are headed down the elusive path that avoids a commitment to you.

Here are some things to consider to assist you in this discovery.

Seven Signs He’s Not Ready For A Commitment

1. He’s unable to hold down a job. This is a no-brainer!

In the past year he’s had multiples jobs. He’s worked in a factory, as an office worker, a bartender, a grill cook, and as a telemarketer. He wasn’t able to keep at least one of these jobs! If he can’t hold on to a job, because he doesn’t knows what he wants to do, this is a clear indication that he has no plans for the future.

2. There’s no security to look forward to from him.

 He has a month to month lease on this apartment, a leased car, and a pre-paid cell phone. He has no checking, saving, nor credit card account. All his bills are payed with money orders. A lack of stability in his finances and living arrangement, means he’s unable to contribute to the security of a marriage. Of course if you are someone with ample means, this may be a none issue for you.

3. Depends on his mother to do things for him.

 Every Friday he packs up his laundry and takes it to his mother’s house for her to wash. And he frequently has his meals at her house too. A man who has to depend on his mother to meet his basic needs, that’s a sure sign he isn’t ready for the responsibilities involved in a marriage.

4. He’s unwilling to talk about your future together.

When the topic of marriage is raised, he always say, “I needs more time.” And although you have been together more than a year, he shows no genuine interest in marrying you, and getting to know your family and friends. Nor does he take you around his family and friends. There’s a part of your life that’s cut-off from each other, if you cannot share the most important people to you.

5. You are not considered nor consulted about important things.

He acts like your opinion doesn’t matter to him when there’s something he wants to do. He doesn’t consult you nor consider What you think when he buys something that affects you both. There’s no commitment to you, when how you feel about something is not the most important thing to him.

6. There’s only a slight effort to please you.

He never wants to compromise to do the things you enjoy, such as, taking you out to see your favorite movie, especially if it’s a girly one. And when he does make the effort, you have to spend considerable time talking him into it, going round to round in a verbal boxing match, just to get him to do this one thing.

7. He passes off an inexpensive gift as one that is valuable.

He tried to fool you by passing off a zirconia necklace as a diamond necklace on Valentine’s day. If he misleads you with deception in gift giving, how can you be sure he’s capable of making a commitment to you that requires sincerity and honesty.

If he’s exhibiting any of the signs listed here, you should pause and reflect on your relationship, before you invest any more of your time in this person. After some soul searching, you may conclude that you have reasons to move on.

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