What You Can Do To Stop The Arguments

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“I am right” is what you believe when you’re arguing about something. You are passionate about your opinion. It is very difficult to accept that you may not be right in this instance.

It is difficult to admit you are wrong when your feelings are intense about an issue. Both of you want to be right. But if you want to maintain a healthy marriage, it is important to accept that you are not always going to be right. Keep in mind, there is a difference between thinking you are right and actually being right.

The person you are married to has ideas and opinions too. It may not always match what you think. Whether you known each other for a long or short time, accept the fact that the two of you will have different opinions about things, from something as trivial as what type of toothpaste to buy to a more serious issue of how you feel about money.

To stop the arguments:

1. Be flexible.

The rigidity of your position can be a constant source of conflict between you and your wife or husband. You must be willing to give ground to your partner once in a while to avoid a cycle of perpetual arguing. Ask yourself, is it really worth it to win this issue?

2. Accept differences.

You must understand that your wife or husband is an individual with their own personal likes and dislikes. Do not expect him or her to be a mirror reflection of you.

3. Learn not to sweat the small stuff.

This will protect your relationship from being bogged down in petty arguments. There is conflict in relationships. The goal should be to resolve it amicably without tension and hostility toward each other. Don’t let the things you and your partner cannot agree on become a source of constant arguing.

4. Don’t be selfish!

Stopping the arguments and working through conflicts requires having a selfless approach to your relationship. There has to be a willingness to do things that your partner enjoys. To have a more satisfying relationship you must share. Those qualities about your wife or husband are what attracted you. It is why you fell in love with them.

5. Stop trying to get your way and always trying to be right.

After a heated argument, take time to remind yourself what you love about your wife or husband, how he or she makes you feel. Isn’t your partner more important to you than being right all the time.

6. Agree to disagree.

The objective is to give voice to your feelings, to express what you want to say about an issue between the two of you. Each person position about an issue should be respected. No one in the relationship should feel imposed upon by the other. There must be a willingness to agree to disagree. If you try to change each other, it will result in conflict between you. Loving someone means accepting what you cannot change about them. Living with someone means learning to accept the differences between you and discovering how delightful and interesting your life together is because of the experience of it.

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