Save Your Marriage From Divorce

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It is a fact, that if you are married, you will have problems to overcome. If the problems are serious, you both will need to work together to save your marriage from divorce.

To save your marriage you must:

Accept responsibility

None of us are perfect. Acknowledging and accepting responsibility for the mistakes you made can help resolve conflicts and hurt feelings. It shows your spouse that you accept that you contribute to the problems in your marriage.

Listen more

Let your wife or husband know how you feel by listening to him or her. Use “I” statements.  Don’t say,
“You hurt me.”   Instead say, “I felt hurt.” Try to avoid saying “You” in an accusing way. Take the time to listen to your spouse. Let them tell you their concerns and how they feel. Be willing to listen to a different perspective about your marriage. Listening to each other can create an atmosphere for the two of you to work things out.

Seek advice/Counseling

If you are a person of faith, you can seek the advice of your pastor. Ask that prayer be offered for the reconciliation between you and your spouse. If you prefer a secular approach to solving your marriage problem, you can seek out the advice of a professional that specialize in marriage and family counseling. Approach the subject of counseling with sensitivity. Understand that your husband may not be willing to even consider counseling. He may think you are blaming the problems in your marriage on him. Don’t stoop to any form of manipulation by pleading with him. Let him have the time he needs to consider how he wants to approach saving the marriage. In time he may be willing to go to counseling with you. But if not, accept his feelings about about it.

Look after yourself

Get the proper amount of rest to look and feel your best. Even though you are going through a difficult period in your marriage, don’t neglect to take good care of your health. Make sure you perform your everyday responsibilities. If it necessary, get someone to help you with the issues you may be struggling to overcome.

Give it time

Even though your efforts to save your marriage from divorce are not showing a positive result at first, don’t loose hope. Your wife or husband may just need time to realize how important the marriage is and that it’s worth saving.  If the end result is that the two of you decide to continue your marriage, having had the patience to see things through, will let you know it was the best decision for you.

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