What Does It Take To Have A Strong Marriage?

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To have a problem free marriage is a utopian dream. Yet there are things you can do to minimize the conflicts between the two of you, that will enable you to have a strong marriage. The six things presented here have proven to be important factors for couples who have a strong marriage.

Those with a strong marriage:

1. Don’t allow differences to be a constant source of conflict between them. Whether its money, child rearing or something as divisive as religion, those with a strong marriage don’t let their differences drive them apart. They settle their disputes amicably if possible. But if that cannot be done, then they agree to disagree. Experience has taught them to accept that there are differences between them and to simply move on. But there are major barriers to even a strong marriage, such as, being married to someone who core values are opposite of your own. Give your marriage a chance, by seeking out someone who beliefs and values you share. If the two of you are not compatible in those areas that mean the most to you, there will be serious issues that may impede your ability to have a strong marriage.

2. They set aside time for each other. When a relationship is new there’s an effort to please the object of your affection, to win their love. But after becoming partners, some couples take each other for granted. Keep in mind, it takes the same amount of effort to maintain the relationship, that it did for you to win each other. Every now and then, call in the middle of the day, just to say hello. Let the one you love know that you miss them. Couples drift apart when they become preoccupied with other things and stop spending time together. Children and career are the two biggest factors that come between a husband and wife.  Make sure you set aside special time to get away together where you can reconnect and rekindle those special feelings. Take the time to let your wife or husband know how much they mean to you.

3. They take the time to discuss what’s important to each other. They find the time to talk and laugh about things. The lines of communication are kept open. If anything comes up, they are right on it.

4. They interject some spontaneity to breaks the monotony of married life. An unexpected trip together, a weekend at a spa can be just what your marriage needs to give it a spark. These simple acts can stir feelings of love anew again, like when you first fell in love.

5. They realize that Intimacy is an important part of marriage. A good sexual life is  fundamental in maintaining a strong marriage. The intimacy that the two of you share is vital to your marriage. Discuss intimate things with your wife or husband to find out what is comfortable for both of you. Keep the passions burning by stirring up excitement between you.

6.They give their partner space to pursue other interests and to have friendship with others. Just like disinterested partners can cause a marriage to fail, people who cling too tightly to their partner may cause their marriage to slide downhill too. Clinging to your wife or husband too tightly may make them feel stifled and unsatisfied. Refusing to give some space to them to do things or to be with other people may cause them to develop resentment toward you. It is important to allow your wife or husband to pursue interests that gives him or her a sense of satisfaction that’s needed to fulfill their life. Couples in a strong marriage have learned that they need space to do things apart from their partner. That they need to be able to have interests and meaningful relationships with other people.

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