Re-ignite the Passion and Keep the Sparks Alive

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Regardless of all the cynics who are always so pessimistic about marriage and relationships, the vast majority of people expect their love for their partner to grow and last over time. When a relationship begins, it starts with the smile and that special sparkle in the eyes.

There is a lot of anxiousness that both partners try to hide from each other when they first fall in love. It is because being “in love” makes you vulnerable. And for all their pessimism about relationships, even the most jaded cynic secretly hopes to find someone to love and who will love them back. Very few people choose to live alone. But to succeed in a relationship, partners have to put forth effort and make a serious commitment for it to last.

To Re-ignite the Passion and Keep the Sparks Burning

Do Not Allow the Romance to Die

Keep the romance alive. Take your partner for walks in the park and along the beach, watch your favorite movies, have a candlelight dinner, or listen to your favorite songs. Choose an activity that you are comfortable doing together. To find fun things to do together be creative and imaginative.

Be Generous with Surprises

Be spontaneous and do not wait for special occasions only to give that long-stemmed rose or romantic card to one you love. Write a short note – even if all it says is “I love you” – and hide it where your partner will be able to see it. Even something as simple as coming home from work early and making popcorn for your partner will mean a lot. Everyone loves to get something that is pleasant and totally unexpected.

Enthusiasm is Always Great

Almost everyone feels tired after a hard day’s work and from the stresses of everyday life. However, it is important to make time for your partner. Make a schedule where the two of you can just talk, snuggle, and swap stories about the events of the day. Make sure that the stresses of work or other things do not intrude into your “alone” time together.

Express Yourself and Be Open

To make sure that your relationship remains strong, there must be open communication between the two of you. Keeping secrets from each other is not healthy for the relationship. Those secrets can slowly build walls between the two of you. To keep the passion alive and the sparks burning, there must communication between the two of you about what you want and need in your relationship.

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