Ways to Ignite the Passion and keep the Sparks Burning

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Despite the cynicism about relationships in general, and marriage in particular, most people start out with the expectation of having their love for that special someone last forever. In the beginning there was the toothy smile, the gleam in the eyes. There was the nervous energy that you tried to hide, every time that special person came around you. Being in love makes you vulnerable. Even the biggest cynics, and those with commitment phobia, somewhere buried in their mind is a clinging hope for someone to love. Few people want to live their life alone. Having a marriage or relationship requires effort, a commitment.

Below you will discover some ways to keep the passion and sparks burning .

Keep the Romance Alive!

Explore ways to keep the romance in your relationship. Candlelight dinners, walks along the beach, reading poetry to each other, listening to music together. Find what works for you.It doesn’t have to consume a lot of your time to get those precious moments together. Do something that has special meaning to the both of you. Use your imagination and creativity for romance with your partner!

Add Some Surprise

Most people still have that little kid in them, that enjoy surprises. That spontaneity, when suddenly you’re invited to a trendy club, a restaurant with delectable food. You receive some flowers, or an e-card expressing sentiments of affection. Spontaneity is what adds a spark to an otherwise dull monotonous day. It creates those special moments that makes life pleasurable. Do something to make your partner’s day extraordinary!

Be Enthusiastic

Everyone gets tired due to work schedule, the demands on their time and just the everyday stresses of life.  But you must take time out to talk and listen to your partner. Keep the enthusiasm for each other. If it’s lost, that’s a way for the passion to fizzle and the sparks to dwindle. You’re left with only a memory of the excitement you once felt for each other. Don’t let this happen to you.

Open Up and Express Yourself

You must have uninhibited communication to assure a strong relationship. Keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself, makes it impossible to have true intimacy. It’s like having a wall around you. There’s a part of yourself that you’re not sharing. You need to talk about it. If you are unable to discuss this with your partner, seek help from someone who is qualified to help you overcome this problem.

Resources like save your relationship offers tried and tested advice from real people who overcame similar problems in their marriage and relationship.

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