Things That Are A Marriage Saver To Your Relationship

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Marriages fail for various reasons. But, there are things you can do that are a marriage saver to heal your damage relationship. One of the main reasons for failure in a marriage is that the two of you do not see each other the way you use to.  At the beginning of your relationship the two of you felt a strong feeling of intense love. It made both of you feel you wanted to be together forever. So you got married, setup your living arrangement and begin sharing life together.

Now that you are married, you may no longer see eye to eye on what’s important to you. There are arguments over major and trivial things. At least one of you realize that the disagreements and conflicts between you must be worked out to save your marriage. If you could rediscover those feelings you had at the beginning of your relationship when your love was new and all you wanted was to be together.

To rediscover those feelings of intense love you felt at the beginning for each other, here are three things you can do that could be a marriage saver to your relationship.

First: Listen closely to what your partner is saying to you when issues get fierce between you.  But, the best time to talk, is when things are good between you. When you are calm and in a good mood it’s more likely you will be open listening to each other. Be observant to what is said and done. Don’t neglect to stay  in tune to your partner by really listening to him or her. Being observant will keep you in the know about what’s going on with one another.

Second: If you have grown apart, become connected again. Hold on to the love you have for each other. Closeness is vitally important in a marriage. It maintains a lasting love. And being sensitive to your partner feelings and thoughts promotes communication and physical intimacy. If you can stay at a place of closeness, it keeps the connection between you strong.  You’ll see what a different it will make in your marriage.  Show genuine interest and be inquisitive about your wife or husband to keep that spark between you, don’t let it die out. Discover new things together to enrich your relationship. Talk and share each interest. It will keep you connected.

Third: Talk about your memories. Let your partner speak to you about his or her memories, both good and bad from their childhood. There were things from the past that contribute to who you see and love. You may discover that the person you are married to, earlier in their life had fears, which still may be a nagging factor that affects him or her. These things may help you understand your husband or wife better and result in you having a stronger relationship. You may discover things that gives you an insight that changes your perspective about your partner, because of what was experience as a child. It will cause you to show a sensitive side to your partner, who as you have discovered, experience painful things, just like you.

The three things that are highlighted here can be a marriage saver that gives the two of you what you need to stay together through the good and bad times.

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