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Has your taste in men ever been considered curious? Have some even gone so far as to call it contrary? Rippling muscles, tight buns and a sculpted mane just don’t do it for you? Perhaps you would much prefer a teddy bear to a Ken doll.

Some might consider your preferences flawed. But it’s okay to disagree. In your case the laws of attraction just don’t favor the tall, dark, pretty boy with the bronze glow of sun-kissed skin flashing a movie star smile. Perhaps you just don’t want someone who thinks they’re prettier than you. (Who is prettier than you.) And that’s okay too. It isn’t wrong to not want to be with a guy who takes longer to get ready for a date than you do. (Who looks better for it and offers up beauty tips.) It’s not wrong to want someone who spends more money on personal hygiene and hair care products than you do. Let’s face it, only one of you should be shaving (waxing, having electrolysis – whatever your preference) below the neck (let alone below the waist).

Now bring on a beer belly and a pair of love handles on a couch potato slacking on the sofa in a pair of Scooby Doo boxers and you’re melting like an ice cream cone in a heat wave. Manicures and clean close shaves don’t leave a lasting impression. You want callous abrasions on your thighs and stubble burns on your neck. (Or the other way around if the mood suits you.) Making love doesn’t always have to be a carnival ride where you can’t remember which way is up and an hour later you’re still weak in the knees. Sometimes its fun to just hang around the playground and play on the seesaw.

Not every woman wants a computer savoy, high-tech gadget loving, well-built, clean-cut, suit wearing, narcissistic metro-sexual professional, wafting with some celebrity’s cologne guaranteed to bring women to their knees. “Not this woman,” you scoff because you would much rather have a brawny, rough and tumble, hard working, blue collar, sports watching, practical joke playing man’s man with sweaty feet and body odor who is severely flatulent from eating too many cream cheese stuffed jalapenos.

Your guy has a good sense of humor, expressive eyes, a friendly smile and thinks you are the best thing that ever happened to him (and you know that he’s right) but he loves you just the way you are and that’s why you’re smitten.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Love is blind. Ken dolls are fun for a while but plastic is cold and rigid. Teddy bears are made to be cuddled. Teddy bears are timeless. Who wouldn’t prefer a teddy bear?

Terri Ross

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