Stuck In A Marriage Rut, Spice Things Up!

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Being married can be great. But the mundane everyday stuff can have you falling into a rut. As a couple you must find a way out of this marriage boredom, where each day feels like a rerun of the previous day. Things are so predictable that you may feel like you are sleep walking through your day.From time to time, you have to escape the daily routine, and add some excitement back into your marriage. It doesn’t have to be anything that time-consuming or expensive. The objective is to simply break out of the routine of your married life.

So if you feel like you are stuck in a rut. To spice things up try these 4 things.

1.  Date Night. One way to spice things up in a marriage is to go out on dates with your spouse (without the kids!) The two of you need to have some time together to let loose. Set aside a few hours for a night of fun.  Date night doesn’t have to be at an expensive restaurants.  It’s simply about the two of you hanging out together, enjoying each other company. It’s about shutting out the rest of the world and tuning into one another. You can watch a movie that you both enjoy. The two of you can go walking on warm hazy evening.  You can stay in and cook together.  Or listen to music, play games, or snuggle up and watch a movie together.

2.  Surprises. When things have become so routine that you and your spouse become more like roommates, then you can spice things up by doing something unexpected. Surprise your spouse by doing something spontaneous, like whispering something romantic in their ear. Grab him or her and give them a warm tight hug. Suddenly surprise him or her by tenderly kissing them. The idea is to break the routine with something pleasantly unexpected.

3.  Add some adventure. Do something that the two of you never tried.  Consider going camping or hiking for the weekend.  Maybe try a dance class together. Learn something new by signing up for an art class.  Take an exercise class together so you can motivate each other to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4.  Laugh and play. The best way to spice things up is to play! How about washing the car together and start throwing sponges at one another. Laugh at something silly. Tickle each other. Have a pillow fight. Act like kids. Laughing and playing together will greatly help to reduce stress.  It will keep you and your spouse in a good mood.

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