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Sex is an important part of any healthy, happy marriage. Love is important in sustaining the bond but without physical intimacy, it becomes a very hard job. A sexless marriage is a very hard thing for partners to accept. For many this type of marriage is unfulfilling and often lead to divorce. To stop the potential of a divorce and make your marriage successful, here are some steps you can take to avoid such an unhappy marriage.

The first thing you have to understand is what it means to have a sexless marriage. If the partners do not have sex for a more than 10 times a year, it is considered as a sexless marriage. It is not that they did not have sex at all; Often couples were passionate with each other when their relationship was new. There was an excitement, a vitality to their sex life. But, after a period of time there came boredom, a predictability with sex that made it less appealing and unsatisfying to them.

There are other reasons on how and why a sexless marriage develops. The first reason can be physical. If one partner becomes sick, than sexual activities, so important in normal marriages take a beating. The advice of a medical practitioner is the best help in such a scenario. Sometimes the problem lies with psychological barrier which partners may or may not acknowledge. In such a case, a couple could seek help from a marriage and family counseling center or couples therapy.

Sometime, a sexless marriage help is needed because the act itself becomes tedious and monotonous. Face it; with children growing and work-related stress, many couples just do not have the same spark left in them to put the bed on fire! In such case, the partner who has a more erotic and passionate approach to sex becomes frustrated and gradually stops answering to the routine efforts of his/her partner. They then tend to put off sex, because they cannot continue the act until they derive some pleasure or joy out of it. The best help in such a case will be to talk to each other and find out why things have turned so bad! Being candid and opening up to your partner will help you to save your marriage.

Partners will find themselves back in the mood if they can somehow remove the source of their dissatisfaction. If children and office is the problem, then a weekend away from them is not a bad idea! Being alone with each other will help you to bring back the passion that was there when you started to date. Doing something new and living each other’s fantasy is always a good idea! Couple therapy can help you in this account as well. If a sexless marriage is due to your busy schedule which is very common problem the world over, then you and your wife/husband should evaluate and reset your priorities.

It is not that such sexless marriages are unhappy marriages; on the contrary some of them are doing just fine. But it can be a problem in the future. This type of marriage is becoming very common with younger couples in developed countries, when both of them are busy pursuing high-flying careers and only meet once or twice in month!

The stress level has reached such a height in Japan that the government is worried about the declining birth rate in the country, where as high as 34.6 percent of couples need sexless marriage help!  Take the necessary steps to prevent this type of marital problem. There is help available for your sexless marriage, if this is what you as a couple desire. It takes two to make it work.

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