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It’s a dream to think you can have a perfect marriage. But, there are things you can do to minimize the conflicts and problems between the two of you.

The following tips can be used as a guide to help you prevent problems in your marriage and relationship.

1. Communicate!

It’s important to discuss and work out issues that can affect your marriage: Religion, cultural, social, and economic differences are a major barrier to the harmony in a marriage. Unless you are willing to abandon, transform, or compromise your religious, cultural, social, and economic beliefs, becoming involve with someone who’s the polar opposites of you, may result in insurmountable differences between the two of you.  If the two of you are not compatible in these important areas, there will be serious issues to overcome.  Why take this risk! If you want a lasting and satisfying relationship, make sure the two of you are  attuned with each other beyond the initial attraction.

2. Don’t take each other for granted:

When a relationship is new there’s an effort to please the object of your affection to win their love. You call in the middle of the day just to say hello. Laughing and talking about things  used to bring the two of you enjoyment. Now you don’t talk and laugh like you used to.  If you want your relationship to stay solid,  do something spontaneous to break the monotony.  Stir feelings of love again, like when you first fell in love.

3. Intimacy is Important.  It’s vital to your relationship.

Keep the passions burning by sparking some excitement in your marriage. Discuss with your partner things the two of you can do together to add variety and interest, that can build a deeper level of intimacy. Studies have shown that married people have a more robust sexual life than single people.

4. Make time for each other:

Nothing is more important to a relationship than maintaining closeness. You hear about it everyday, couples growing and drifting apart. To keep this from happening, you must stay integrally and vitally connected to each other.  Children and career are the two biggest factors that come between couples. Take time to be together everyday away from family troubles and job problems, where you can talk and nurture a lasting closeness.

5. Give each other space!:

Clinging to your partner may make him or her feel smothered and stifled. Resentment may build up toward you. It may also make him or her feel you do not trust them.  As an individual your partner has their own needs. Discuss things in an open and honest way. Try to reach an understanding where the two of  you agree to give each other some time to be apart.

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