Rekindle The Passion You Once Felt

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Have you notice a change in your marriage? What was once a hot and heavy relationship between you, now barely flickers. Over time the relationship you share may become lackluster   The flames of ardor are no longer stirred. After years of being married, things between you may seems mundane and routine. To prevent your marriage from settling into such an existence , you must make it your priority.

These 5 suggestions can help you discover ways to put the fire of passion back in your marriage.

1. Set Aside Time For Romance

Rekindling the passion you once felt for each other, doesn’t have to consume a lot of your time. It can be something as simple as a walk along the beach holding hands, a candlelight dinner, or listening to your favorite songs. The two of you could cuddle up on the couch together and watch a movie or your favorite videos.  Just need to find what works for the two of you. Use your imagination to create some magical moments of romance.

2. Add Spontaneity.

When you are unexpectedly invited to a trendy new restaurant with jamming music and delectable food, that type of spontaneous gesture adds joy and excitement to your day. You can send a text message that expresses feelings of love.  Sending a text message with feelings of love or some flowers, is what adds a spark to an otherwise monotonous day.  A spontaneous gesture creates those moments in life that leads to pleasant memories. And it results in keeping a fire inside of you burning. Think how you would feel to suddenly have something special happen to brighten your day.

3. Listen Attentively!

Listening is such a simple thing to do. Yet, many couples fail to spend time just listening to each other. Taking the time to listen to each other will keep you connected in your relationship. Talk about what’s on your mind to discover what you need and want from each other.

4. Be Enthusiastic

Remember when you first met, how you waited with anticipation for that moment to see each other. The two of you showed interest in what you both did and said. Even with no special plans, there was an excitement of just being together, . This special way you felt was the reason why you got married. Recapturing those feelings again will spark a fire that can restore you once had for one another.

5. Do Something Different, Adventurous

Take that cooking class together. Try an outdoor activity. It doesn’t matter what you do. Try something that takes you out of the comfort zone you have grown accustomed to. Do something where you both can experience something new. Recaptures those special feelings of closeness, like when you first fell in love. If you enjoy reading, you can join other enthusiastic readers to discuss characters and events from books. The two of you can prepare some portions of food that you both enjoy and spend an evening in each other company.

All it takes to rekindle the fire and restore your marriage is wanting to do it. Explore ways to make it happen.


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