Protect Your Marriage and Avoid Emotional Infidelity

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Making sure that you keep members of the opposite sex out of the “intimate way” is very important to keeping your marriage strong, happy, and successful. Here are some tips that would help you keep away from the temptation of having an emotional affair.

  • Keep Everything Strictly Professional at Work
    It is important that you keep reminding yourself about what is integral to your job and what is not. Though it is very necessary to have good relationships with your colleagues, things need to remain professional. It is okay to ask a colleague about how his or her sick child is doing or how their big family reunion went but spending an hour chatting is never a good idea. Make sure that all conversations are simple, short and to the point.
  • Avoid Meeting Colleagues of the Opposite Sex Outside the Office
    There may be times when you need to spend long hours at work with a colleague when there is an important project that needs to be completed. However, it would be better to have your meals at the office than go out to a restaurant. The office is much less intimate and will prevent any discussion about things not related to the project at hand. After the project completion, keep the celebrations at the office and to a minimum. If you must meet your colleague outside work, make sure the meeting takes place in a very public space.
  • Group Meetings are Best
    If you need to meet with a colleague of the opposite sex, always find ways to include another person for the meeting. Have a co-worker tag along as having someone with you will help prevent any possibility for intimacy.
  • End Personal Conversations in a Polite Way
    When a conversation with a colleague starts going the intimate way, it may be best to find a way to end the conversation in a polite way. If the person is asking for very personal advice, refer the person to a professional or someone who may be more familiar with the situation.
  • Avoid Sharing Personal Feelings
    It is always best to keep yourself from sharing personal feelings or experience; doing this will help keep your colleague from relating on a more personal level with you. Just make sure that you are polite without revealing too much about your personal feelings.
  • Stay Away from Cordial Hugs, Kisses, Drinks, or Dances with Members of the Opposite Sex
    To many people, this may appear to be way too extreme. However, even a single hug or kiss involves a certain amount of intimacy. If you need to have a good excuse to avoid a kiss or a hug, you can always say that you are feeling unwell and may have a nasty virus you do not want anyone else to catch. Drinking any alcoholic beverage may tend to relax your inhibitions and it is always best to avoid such situations when you are with a colleague.
  • Take Time To Be With Your Spouse Everyday
    Make an effort to do something for your spouse daily. Even a short phone call saying “just wanted to bug you” can mean a lot. Ask your spouse about his or her day and really listen to the reply. Be affectionate. Make sure you have a lot of photos of your spouse and your kids near your desk to always give yourself a visual reminder of what is important to you.

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