Need A Jolt? Spark? Liven Your Relationship

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Things to try:

Spontaneity:  A major complain that couples have about their relationship, is, their partner takes them for granted. Change this perception by doing something out of the ordinary to keep the excitement alive in your relationship. Create something the two of you can do that’s fun and exciting. Arrange an evening together without any distractions that you both can enjoy.

Shower attention on your partner: Surprise your partner by giving him or her special attention. Spend the whole day doting on your partner and indulging him or her with things that delight them.

Have some away time together: If possible take a short vacation together. If you’re not able to get some time off, then as a substitute, schedule a massage for the two of you at a local spa near where you live. A few hours at a spa can transform the two of you with pampering and special attention. It will provide a pleasurable relaxing experience. Getting away will refresh the two of you.

Remember important things:  Celebrate those events that mean something to both of you. Such as, when you first said I love you. The time you propose. Your anniversary, etc,. Send flowers to mark the occasion. Dedicate a special song. Send an e-card or text message with an expression of love to let the special person in your life know that you are thinking about him or her.

Explore something new:  Fulfill your partner fantasy with imaginative ways of satisfying him or her. Couples who have been together long, may need to overcome boredom. Change the routine that the two of you have grown accustomed to by exploring something new. Since this is a sensitive area, make sure you consider your partner’s beliefs and feelings, before you explore and introduce something new.

Keep it simple: If you don’t like going out of your way and it’s not your style to make a fuss about doing things, keep it simple. There are things you can do together that doesn’t require you spending any money or going out somewhere. Perhaps, playing games is more to your liking. You can listen to your favorite music, watch movies or T.V. together. You can snuggle together and read a mystery or share a romance novel. The two of you could go strolling along the beach or take a walk in the park.

Communicate and Listen: You must have uninhibited communication to assure a strong relationship. Keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself makes it impossible to have true intimacy. Open up about what you thinking and feeling. Take time to listen, not just talk. There has to be honest communication for the two of you to have an understanding and stay connected to each other.

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