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Untitled-1There is a need for good marriage advice for women. Some women view marriage as something that they intensely want. They fall head over heels in love, go after a man, confess their love to him, and then plan to marry him, even though they barely know him. As soon as they are married,they have illusions of their husbands being transformed  into their idea of a husband. It doesn’t take long, before they realize this type of marriage isn’t what they want. Now the marriage has become a source of frustration. There are many voices with marriage advice for women. Only you can decide who and what to listen to.

Uniqueness of Males and Females

Men and women are different. Some may want to dispute it. But the general consensus accept this as true. The difference is obviously shown in the anatomy of both sexes. But it is also evident in how men and women think. This uniqueness is the most common problem in marriage. One area of marriage advice for women that has been given over the years is, not to dominate their husbands. It is thought and still believed by many, that men were created to be hunters and leaders. But in this new technological world, both sexes are acknowledged to be equal. Yet, the old thoughts about men and women transcends generations.

Today in our advance digital computerize world, men and women are still defined by gender roles. Even though these attitudes still hold true today, there are couples paving the way to break from being solely identified by these stereotype roles. They have charted their own path. Today you have married men who stay home. And you have married women that work to support the family. True, this type of arrangement is the exception in most marriages. But this type of relationship does exist. The key is, each couple must determine what type of role they want for themselves in their marriage. No one should decide that for you.

Do you want a traditional man with old fashion ideas about the role of women? Or do you prefer a free thinking man who is progressive in his attitude toward women, who wants a non-traditional relationship, where he doesn’t have to be the bread-winner in the family, and he can be a stay at home husband.  Those who dare to be different in their choices, risk being criticized by others, for their non-traditional view of marriage. Those who view  tradition as something sacred, will have a difficult time accepting this marital choice from you.  You have to decide if following the path of tradition, is right for you.

The reality of marriage
Some women still think of marriage like a fairytale. But a wake up call comes quickly when marriage hits them with all it involves. There is stress that you have to contend with, and the everyday mundane things that paints married life.  Once you are married, you discover that marriage isn’t a fairytale existence.  It involves children, household responsibilities, finances, the demands on you to meet your husband needs, and all the other things you are confronted with day-to-day.

There are sacrifices that you have to make in a relationship. Taking care of your family’s needs is your number one priority. It may mean that your dreams have to be deferred to a more opportune time. Or perhaps they may never be fulfilled. Those are the choices one has to make in a marriage.  For most people, the thinking is, the family has to come first over everything else, which means women tend to sacrifice the things they want, for the sake of the marriage. The sacrifice of ones’ own dreams and desires, for the sake of the marriage,  is a key factor that women should consider before marrying.

Heed the warning signs.
Are you too busy with your career? Are outside distractions occupying a lot of your time? If this is the case, you may find the two of you growing apart. What once was a top priority– the relationship, is now struggling to be relevant in your life, due to other priorities occupying most of your time. If this has happen to you, take action. Don’t ignore the warning signs. Never overlook the relationship between you and your husband. Don’t let children, career, nor anything else cause the two of you to drift apart.

Set aside time to talk, to laugh, and to listen. Rekindle those flames into a passion again, to spark your love anew.  
Take the time to get away, if only for a weekend. Show interest and enthusiasm in the one you love. Keep the fires burning brightly between the two of you. Always make time to be together. Remember that the relationship started, because you fell in love with one another. Don’t let it become cold and distance, until it fades away.

Take seriously any matter that’s affecting your marriage. Act immediately to resolve the issue. That’s the best marriage advice for women that you can listen to.

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