Keep the Excitement Alive In Your Relationship

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Need a jolt? Spark? To liven your relationship, try these 7 things

1. Spontaneity: One main complain that couples have about their relationship, is that they are taken for granted by the other partner. Change this perception by doing something out of the ordinary that’s fun and exciting.  Arrange an evening together without any distractions, where the two of you can bask in the glow of each other. If possible, come home before your schedule time, and follow it with an unplanned activity you both can enjoy.

2. Plan a special day:Spend the whole day together. Surprise your partner by giving him or her special attention. Arrange a day together where the two of you can bask in the glow of each other. It will make your partner feel so very special to you.

Remember Important Things: Celebrate those events that mean something to the both of you, such as, when you first said I love you, the time you propose, your anniversary, etc,. You can send flowers to mark the occasion. Dedicate a special song to your partner. Send an e-card or text message with an expression of love to let your partner know that you are thinking about him or her.

4. Keep it Simple:You don’t have to make a fuss if it’s not your style. There are things which you and your partner can do together that doesn’t require you spending any money or going out somewhere. You could play card games, watch movies or T.V., read a mystery or romance novel together. You can stroll along the beach or in the park.  It doesn’t matter what the two of you do.  Spending time together in a fun-loving way will add excitement to your relationship.

5. Explore trying something new: Fulfilling your partner fantasy provides imaginative ways of satisfying each other. Partners who have been married a long time may be bored, and feel a  need to change the routine that the two of you have grown accustomed to. Since this is a sensitive area, make sure you consider your partner’s beliefs and feelings before you explore and introduce something new in physical intimacy with each other.

6. Stay connected!: It should be understood that the attention which was once exclusively only your partner’s, now has to be shared between your children and other things important to you.  But this can create distance between the two of you, causing you to drift apart. To avoid this problem, make sure time is set aside in the day, so the two of you can stay connected. Couples need time to reconnect and talk to each other. Don’t let anyone or anything come between the two of you.

7. Away time: If possible take a short vacation with just each other. If you’re not able to get some down time together, then as a substitute, schedule a message for the two of you at a local spa where you live. Even a few hours at a spa can transform the two of you with a pleasurable relaxing experience. Just getting away, however briefly, will keep the excitement alive in your relationship.

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