Ideas for Date Night

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Finding some time to be alone with your spouse can be pretty difficult to come by so it is important to make the most out of it. There are many ways you can make date night extra special. Whether you are hoping to have a picnic for two or making some yummy treats for that extra special dinner; here are some tips to help you make the most out of date night.

1. Indulge your spouse. Date night does not have to mean taking your spouse to an expensive restaurant or going out to the movies. You can make date night special by indulging your spouse. Consider preparing a relaxing, hot, bubble bath that you both can enjoy. You can even ramp it up a notch by lighting some candles, pouring some wine, playing some great music, and just enjoying a relaxing time in the tub.

2. A dance party for two. How about putting on some dance music that you both like and dance your hearts out. You can turn down the lights, get some soft lighting or candle light to illuminate the room, prepare some cocktails and some finger food, push the couch to the side and dance away.

3. Create a delicious dinner together. You and your spouse can go to the market and get all the ingredients that you will need to make a wonderful dinner for two. You can help each other out in the kitchen and cook together. Then sit down and enjoy your masterpiece together.

4. Theme park date. You can go out to the theme park or fair and ride those exciting rides together. Share cotton candy, popcorn, buy a balloon or two and just have some fun. Be little kids again and enjoy yourselves.

5. Go on a picnic. Pack your picnic basket with some food and go to the park, a picnic spot, or just your backyard. Spread a blanket out, get the food out and just enjoy being in the outdoors. Or, if it is a rainy day and you can’t go out, move the couch aside and have the picnic in your living room.

6. Get a message. You can go to the nearest spa and get a couple’s massage. This will help both of you relax, too.

7. Movies at home. You can make going to the movies more intimate than being in a theater full of strangers. Rent a DVD, download a movie, or just watch one on cable. Make some popcorn beforehand. Make a pizza if you want to indulge. Make the living room comfortable by moving all the furniture and spreading some blankets on the floor and piling up some pillows. Enjoy the movie together and snuggle to your heart’s content.

8. Sex. Make date night steamy by going all out. Wear sexy lingerie, play some sexy music and make love all night long like you did during your honeymoon.

9. Indulge your sweet tooth. Share a large ice cream sundae, a slice or two of chocolate cake, some of your favorite pie, or just get yourselves the biggest milk shakes you can find.

10. Meals in bed. Nothing can be more special that having a meal in bed. Make your spouse some breakfast or dinner and serve it while he or she is in bed. You can even feed each other and enjoy the meal – and much more – together.

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