Five Key Elements On How To Save A Marriage

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In today’s world, more than 50% of all marriages end with divorce. Against such odds, it is a necessity for couples to learn how to save a marriage. When problems arise you must try to act in a calm manner to resolve the conflict between the two of you. It certainly won’t be  easy due to the intense feelings that occur in marriage. But if you take care of the basic issues that the two of you have,  there’s a good chance you can prevent the more serious problems from ending your marriage.  While there is no magic formula, you can join the many couples that have learned the key elements on how to save a marriage. 

Control your emotions.

Discuss issues when you and your partner are in a frame of mind to have a conversation together. It’s important for both of you to talk openly about what’s bothering you without being agitated with each other. When emotions are out of control you may say things in anger. Try to work out the issues between you amicably, where the two of you can reach a resolution you both can agree to. Realize you both will see things differently about the issues that affect you. It is not necessary to agree on everything. But you must be able to reach an understanding.

Continue to Talk.

When you marry someone you plan to build your life together.  If the two of you stop talking to each other it can create distance between you. After awhile it’s like two strangers living together.  When communication is lacking the two of you lose the intimacy and closeness that is a part of marriage. You must take time to talk about things. This is a key element on how to save a marriage. So leave the attitude that “if he isn’t talking why should I?” Don’t make the situation worse, by shutting out your partner with the silent treatment.  Talking things over is the best chance to resolve your problems.

Don’t beg your spouse to stay if they want to leave.

Crying and begging your partner to stay may annoy him or her.Your spouse may get turned off and say “That’s the reason I am leaving, you are too pathetic and needy”  Or they feel sorry for you and decided to stay for a while. But it is only temporary.  It is  no lasting solution to your  problems. Both of you must want to stay together. There can’t be pressured. If your wife or husband wants some time alone to think about things, give them the time they need. The time apart could have a positive impact on your relationship.

Don’t involve your family and friends in your marriage problems. 

If you want suggestions on what to do about your problems, consult a neutral party. Avoid talking about your marriage problems to your friends and family. It can cause resentment to build up. It is not a good idea to have friends and family choosing sides. It is okay to accept support from family and friends during difficult times in your marriage. But don’t want them being blamed or targeted with resentment by the other partner.

Seek marriage counseling for help.
If you need expert counseling don’t hesitate to seek it out. Be sure to check their credentials. Even if your partner refuses to go, you should attend the counseling session for what you can get out of it. It can provide you with guidance and support at a time when you need it the most.  It will be worth the effort just to come away with some answers on how to save your marriage.

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