How to Make Up After A Breakup

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A breakup is often very painful. But it does not mean it has to be the end of the relationship. Relationships have ups and downs . A breakup may simply be one of the “downs.” There are things you can do to restore your relationship. To fix your relationship and give it another shot, here’s are some tips and insights to help you make up after a breakup.
You need to:

  • Avoid playing games. If you are sincere about making up, do not play mind games with your ex. No matter how tempting it is to go out with someone that’s attractive to make your ex jealous, it’s a foolish game to play, one you can lose. The same holds true for any psychological tricks that you may be tempted to play – avoid them at all costs. What you need to do is to be honest and open up about why you would like to give your relationship another try. Share how you truly feel.
  • Take care of yourself. It is important to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy to maintain a strong relationship. No one wants to be around someone who exhibits signs of not taking care of themselves. You cannot accomplish your goal of making up if you are moping around and being depressed. Find something to make you feel alive again. Bring back those feelings that life is worth living. It will make your partner see you in a new light. Most of us like being around others who radiate vitality and excitement. To show an air of confidence, tells the person that even though you want to make up, you are not desperate. Nothing is more attractive than a confident and emotionally healthy individual.
  • Find out the reason for the breakup. Before you can make up after a breakup, you need to know what went wrong in the first place. Did one of you cheat on the other? Was the relationship going stale for a long time? Did one of you want change? Among the first steps in making up, is to find out the real reason behind the breakup.
  • Communicate. The strongest indicator that you may be able to successfully make up, is, if you are able to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. Speak with each other without shouting, yelling, or laying blame. Listen to your partner. Be honest in communicating about how you feel. State with emphasis what you believe went wrong in the relationship. If you both agree with what the problems are, you can then work toward a resolution that will lead to the two of you making up.
  • Be ready to make a change. It’s a good thing to change something in your relationship that leads to the two of you becoming happy again. A change which results in better communication and intimacy will enhance your relationship in new ways with excitement and freshness that you had loss.

To make up after a breakup requires that you both proceed with a plan to fix yourself as well as the relationship. The tips and insights presented here will assist you in that endeavor.

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