How To Know He Loves You

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It’s obvious that men may take a very long time to say “I love you.” But, just because he hasn’t said, “I love you” yet, doesn’t mean he isn’t crazy about you. There’s no one better to tell you when a guy loves you, then himself. The key is how he acts toward you. Check out the signs below to discover how to know if he loves you.

1.You Capture Him Looking at You
Males constantly ogle things they like – it’s a factor that get us caught peeping at the cleavage of women. Take into consideration: With all that eye candy out there, if it’s you he’s staring at, his affection runs deep for you. “Seeing my special lady at a celebration gives me a private moment to reflect and wonder just how do I deserve such a fantastic person in my life. Watching her attentively with my eyes, when she doesn’t know I’m looking at her, is something I hold secretly to myself,” says Drew.

3. He Purchases Food You Like
Finding that his kitchen area is filled with your preferred foods, diet sodas, and other edibles (that would only pass his lips if he was forced-fed ) shows that you are lingering in his thoughts in the most unforeseen and unromantic places – like the produce aisle, when he’s shopping alone. After getting home, he discover bags of fresh vegetables and fruits that he would never buy. “When this happened to me, it became clear that I had reached a place that seemed natural, where I wanted to please her – I knew then I was in love,” said Richard.

4. He Doesn’t Mine Your Things At His Place
Men likes to maintain the air of independence, being unattached. The fact that he is acknowledging there’s a woman in his life, when we tend to be fiercely protected of maintaining being free, shows the extent you’re special to him. That he’s in love with you. This is more proof, you’re the one he has decided that he wants in his life long-term.

5. He Shares His Plans
to move to the southeast one day, that may be like a neon alert to signal you it’s time to leave the relationship. But it also could indicate he’s trying to let you know he wants you in his future. When a guy has a serious conversation about his future plans, he may be gauging to see if you want to be with him. I’m not saying it is easy for you to determine his true motives. It may take some prodding to find out whether his plans for the future include you. So, how do you know when a guy’s merely extolling his tactical plan or affectionately declaring his love for you by talking about the future? It comes down to his words and how he says things. If his plans involve moving to an exotic island and sun bathing all day, then you know he isn’t serious about you. On the other hand, if he shares with you that he plans to move to Florida, at some point, and then asks if you can picture yourself living there, he’s revealing his feelings for a long-term relationship with you.

6. You Are Able To Get Him To Wear That Shirt You Gave Him
Even though as guy’s most of us are not that particular about what we wear, trusting a woman to select an article of clothing is like a right of passage. We pride ourselves on being who we are, whatever the look. Blame it on the male ego, but we don’t like anyone trying to change our dress, even if it helps us look better. “It’s seen as a sign of weakness for a man to allow any change in his appearance to be dictated by someone else,” explain Brian. So, when a man puts on something picked out by you, that’s an indication he may be in love you.

7. It Is Not An Issue If You Answer His Phone
As men we never know what might be lurking, which could be potentially damaging, that’s hidden on our cell phone – from overzealous probing mothers to ex-girlfriends looking for a last get together with us. If we allow you to answer that personal device, that holds secrets and intimate things about us, it shows you have a clear path and there’s nothing being kept from you. “Men in general, aren’t open to sharing details about their life. When a guy gives you access to his phone – he making you privy to information you could use against him. For him, to willingly let you answer his phone, indicates he’s planning on remaining with you for the rest of his life,” according to Richard.

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