How To Escape Marriage Boredom

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Untitled-1Being married can be great. But the mundane everyday stuff can have you falling into a rut. As a couple you must find a way out of this marriage boredom, where each day feels like a repeat of the previous day. To escape the daily marriage  routine, add some excitement.  There are things you can do to escape the predictability of everyday married life.


To add a spark to your marriage, try these 4 simple things.

1. Date Night.

One way to create some change in your marriage is to go out on dates with your spouse. The two of you need to have some time together to get away from children and other family pressures. Set aside a few hours for a night of fun. Date night doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s simply about the two of you hanging out together and enjoying each other.  Shut out the rest of the world and tune into one another. You can watch a movie together.  Take a stroll together through the park and check out the sights. Plan an evening preparing a special dish together. Listen to music, play games, or snuggle up and watch t.v. together. The objective is for the two of you to take some time to have fun.

2. Surprises.

When things have become so boring that you and your spouse seem more like room-mates,  then husband and wife, do something unexpected, spontaneous break the routine between the two of you.  Grab your wife or husband and give them a warm tight hug. Surprise your spouse by tenderly kissing them. Whisper something naughty in their ear.  The idea is to do something that pleasantly surprises your wife or husband break out of the routine.

3. Add some adventure.

Do something that the two of you never tried. Consider going camping or hiking for the weekend.  Sign up for art lessons or take a dance or exercise class together.  Motivate each toward a healthy lifestyle.

4. Laugh and play.

A fun way to add some excitement is to play with each other.  How about washing the car together and turning it into fun with water play. Toss sponges at one another. Laugh at something silly. Tickle each other. Have a pillow fight. Act like kids. Laughing and playing together will greatly help to reduce stress. It will keep you and your spouse in a good mood and make the relationship you have enjoyable.

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