Helping A Marriage Survive Infidelity

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To most couples, there is nothing worse than infidelity when it comes to marriage. When you know that your spouse has been unfaithful, you feel like a part of you is gone. Infidelity severs the bond of trust that is the foundation of marriage. It can often prove to be fatal to the relationship.Many couples  find it difficult to save their marriage after discovering the infidelity. Making the decision to save the marriage depends on how you feel about what has happened and whether or not your wife or husband is still committed to the marriage.  It should be noted that the decision to try and work things out could be a very long process. This involves preparing to examine your marriage to resolve the problems between you.

The most difficult thing that needs to be done is to rebuild  trust.  This will not be easy. The doubts and the suspicion will take a long time to fade away. And the trust may never fully return between the two of you again.  The serious consequence of infidelity, is that trust may be lost forever. The only thing that can restore trust is seeing a change of a long period of time that shows your partner with actions you have been faithful.

You will need to follow through on promises, be honest with your words and actions, and show genuine remorseful feelings for the hurt you caused. There may be setbacks, when the incident of the infidelity will be revisited. Fights may ensue as memories come flooding back of the infidelity.  So if you both truly want to save the marriage the two of you will need lots of patience.

Make sure that you communicate clearly with your spouse all the time.  Understand that your spouse may want to know where you are going.  What you will be doing.  And he or she may want to know what time you are getting home.

It is natural for your spouse to feel insecure after there’s been unfaithfulness in your relationship.  They may need reassurance from you that everything is alright. And that you are still in love with them.  Make sure the two of you spend some quality time together doing things that you both enjoy.

Accept that infidelity did happen and resolve to may your marriage better.  If it is necessary, seek professional help of someone qualified to guide the two of you through this difficult period to survive after infidelity.

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