Give Your Marriage A Chance To Last

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To have a problem free marriage is a utopian dream. Yet there are things you can do to minimize the conflicts between the two of you and cut down the problems in your marriage.
The following 5 things can help give your marriage a chance to last.

1. Avoid religion, cultural, social, and economic differences. These are major barriers to harmony in a marriage. Give your marriage a chance to last, by seeking out someone who share core values and beliefs that are similar to your own. If the two of you are not compatible in these areas, there will be serious issues to overcome between you. Unless you are willing to abandon, transform, or compromise your religious and cultural beliefs, marrying someone who’s the polar opposites of you, will result in taking on problems that are insurmountable. Why take this risk! Give your marriage a chance to last by making sure your wife or husband is in tuned with you beyond the initial attraction. This will give you a better chance at having a lasting satisfying relationship.
2. Don’t take each other for granted. When a relationship is knew there’s an effort to please the object of our affection, to win their love. But after becoming partners, some couples take each other for granted. The things that you did when your love was new has disappeared. You stop calling in the middle of the day, just to say hello. You don’t miss being around your wife or husband like you use to. No longer is their laughter and talking about things, something that you enjoy together any more. Now those things are a distant memory. If you want your marriage to have a chance to last, don’t take each other for granted. Make him or her know that being in your life is the most important thing to you. Do something spontaneous to breaks the monotony of married life, that stirs feelings of love anew again, like when you first fell in love.
Intimacy is an important part of marriage. A good sexual life can be the foundation that maintain your marriage. The physical intimacy that the two of you share, is vital to your marriage. Keep the passions burning by stirring up excitement in your marriage. Discuss intimate things with your wife or husband to find out what is comfortable for you.
Make time for each other. Couples drift apart when they stop talking to each other. And when they stop spending time with each other. Children and career are the two biggest factors that come between couples. Let your children know that you need time to be alone together. Set aside special time to get away together where you can reconnect and rekindle those special feelings. Take the time to let your wife or husband know that they still mean the world to you.
Give each other some space. Just like disinterested partners can cause a marriage to fail, people who cling too tightly to their partner may cause their marriage to go downhill too. A husband and wife need to give each other some space. Clinging to your partner may make him or her feel smothered and stifled. Your partner also might feel you do not trust them. If you are a clinging vine who refuses to give some space to your husband or wife to do things or be with others, they may develop resentment toward you. It is important that you allow your partner to pursue interests that gives him or her a sense of satisfaction with what is needed to fulfill their life. Despite the fantasy that some have, no one can be your everything. We all need space to do things and to have meaningful relationships with others.

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