Fixing Your Marriage Can Help You Live Longer

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Fixing your marriage is hard work. Not only do you have to repair the damage already done, you also have to learn how to safeguard your marriage for the future. You have to make changes in the way you communicate and connect with each other. And it  can also be tough on your budget. Couples therapy and couples coaching can cost hundreds of dollars. The alternative is relationship help books and online help, these methods can be much more cost-effective at fixing your relationship.

So why fix your relationship? According to one study, it can actually help you live longer.

Published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, the study found that divorced individuals are 27 percent more likely to die than married people. In fact, according to the study, married people life expectancy is better when compared to individuals that are widowed or have never been married. The results? You guessed it! Married people, overall, have a longer life expectancy than all of them.
Another study estimated the amount of time that married people can expect to live than their single friends. Researchers found that married men could live between 8 to 17 years longer than their single friends. Married women were expected to live between  7 to 15 years longer than their single counterparts.

But why?

One reason is, married couples are often have better benefits. They have a higher income level. Married couples are also likely to encourage each other to eat better, to exercise and to go to the doctor. Married couples also tend to take fewer life-threatening risks than single people, this is especially true in regards to single men.

So, this is all great news for married couples, right? Yes and no. It is good because it does indicate that there is value in marriage. But, there aren’t any studies on how an unhappy marriage can affect health and life expectancy. If there were, it is certain that life expectancy and the health of the unhappily married, would adversely affect them.

undefinedStress, depression and anger are all bad for your health. These things are all felt in an unhappy marriage. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Many couples who  start experiencing struggles and lose the connection with their partner, simply throw their hands up in the air and see divorce as the answer. Others claw at their partner in an attempt to reconnect. But this usually drives them further apart. There are better ways of fixing your marriage or relationship. The benefits to your health and life expectancy is worth it.

A good marriage provides love, acceptance, and companionship. These are just a few of the things to living a longer healthier life. To enjoy these wonderful advantages of being married, is just the icing on the cake. At Mr Marriage Saver, you will receive support and find resources in the form of articles, products, and services that will provide you with answers to help you build and maintain a lasting marriage.

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