Divorce: How to Avoid It?

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As long as there is marriage, divorce will be a reality that couples will continue to face. And despite this fact, people will continue to get married.

Some think living together before marriage is a way to get to know each other and work out their problems. But statistics and studies show that co-habitation does not result in a successful marriage. In fact, couples that live together get divorce much more often than those who simply just marry.

Others feel because they witness the divorce of their parents, that they have first hand knowledge of what to avoid. True, there are things you can learn from the divorce of someone else. But, you cannot insulate yourself from divorce based on knowledge alone about the failure of another person’s marriage. Studies reveal that couples who parents divorced, come out on two different sides of this issue. Some develop an intolerance for marriage. They see it as something to avoid. While others enter marriage expecting it not to last. Therefore they see divorce as inevitable. They may divorce again and again, looking for that perfect marriage.

What causes the dissolution of a marriage is as varied as the couples involved in this complicated relationship. Since the beginning of time experts have been trying to figure out what keeps married couples together. The one thing that marriage counselors and other specialist agree on is that communication has to be the foundation of a relationship to prevent being divorced. Married couples who talk, and even argue, have a better chance of not getting a divorce. But failure to work through things, may result in the marriage ending. At the very least, the marriage will not be satisfying nor fulfilling.

To reiterate, marriage is a complicated relationship. What makes it so, is the people involved. The reasons for divorce are as varied as the individuals in marriage. Couples break up for any number of reasons. It can be the result of selfishness, sex and money problems, to cultural differences, immaturity, refusal to help with household chores, to different approaches to rearing children.

For some, infidelity is a marriage breaker. For others, it is any form of abuse: mental and physical, alcohol, drugs, and controlling behavior. Decide what you can accept in your marriage.

Even in modern and non-traditional times, marriage can last. It takes two people with an unwavering love and commitment to each other. And a willingness to communicate about anything and everything.

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