Marriage Tips That Work!

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To have a problem free marriage is an utopian dream. Many have tried to find it. But it still remains a dream! Even though, it is true you cannot have a friction free marriage. There are some ways you can minimize friction and problems in your marriage.

To prevent your marriage from ending up as another divorce case, read the following tips.

1. Marry for the right reasons

Marriages fail because people get married for the wrong reasons. A marriage is a union of mind, soul, and body. After the initial physical attraction wane, it may be hard for the two of you to stay together. Make sure you and your partner are in tuned with each other beyond the initial attraction to assure lasting satisfaction.

2. Don’t take each other for granted

When you start a relationship, there’s an effort to please the object of your affection and get them to fall in love with you. But after you become partners, you start to take each other for granted. If you want your marriage to stay rock solid, avoid taking your partner for granted. Make sure he or she knows their importance in your life. Do something spontaneous to add a spark that breaks the monotony of married life.

3. Sex is an important part of marriage

It’s important to realize that a good sexual life is the foundation that contribute to maintaining your marriage. The physical intimacy that a couple share, is vital to the success of the marriage. Stir up some excitement in your marriage to keep the passion burning. Studies have show that married couples have a more robust sexual life than single people do.

4. Make time for each other – Stay connected

You and your partner will drift apart when you don’t spend enough time together. Children and career are the two biggest factors that come between couples. It’s important to find the time to be alone together. Take the time to talk and reconnect on an intimate level away from family troubles and job problems.

5. Give each other space

Don’t cling too tightly. A husband and wife needs to give each other space to grow and develop interests on their own. It adds excitement to the relationship. A clingy partner may make the other one feel smothered and stifled. Give each other space to fulfill individual interests and needs. Clinging to tightly may make your partner feel that you don’t trust him or her and resentment could form toward you. It is important that the two of you pursue individual interests that gives you a sense of satisfaction with what is needed for your life.

The Reasons Why He Cheats On You

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There is nothing worse in a relationship than being cheated by your partner.  All of the confidence and trust that you built into the relationship is ruined when this happens. It creates a climate of distrust and suspicion. And it results in deeply hurt feelings. He may never be able to fully regain your trust again, even if he acknowledge he was wrong and asks you to forgive him.
But, why do men cheat in the first place? There are numerous reason why. In general the most common reasons why men cheat are listed below.

1. To get his revenge

If you have cheated on him, he may be the kind of man who wants to get back at you, by cheating himself. Even if the mistake took place in the past,  and you thought it was long forgiven, he may justify his cheating on you, since you did it first.

2.  For the thrill of it

For some there’s a  thrill and excitement that comes from cheating. The risk of not getting caught cheating can provide more of a thrill, than being faithful in their relationship.  For some men, cheating is a fun activity, a game that they create for themselves, whether then stay true to  their actual relationship.

3.  He hasn’t been caught cheating

Some men will continue to cheat if they haven’t been caught by their partner. They feel that they haven’t done anything wrong, since she doesn’t know about it.  They think, what she doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt her. For this reason, most men will continue to cheat until they are caught by their partner.

4. To boost his self-confidence

One of the best ways a man feel confident about himself, is to have members of the opposite sex be attracted to him. A man feels better about himself when women are drawn to him and fall in love with him. To him, it is worth cheating for this reason alone–it is a boost to his ego.

5.  He no longer loves you

The commitment he made to you, is now ignored, since he no longer loves you. It is now his excuse to cheat. If you still have feeling for him, you need to remind him of that love. Rekindle the memories you had together when you enjoyed being around each other. If that fails to set things right again, you will have to decide if your relationship can be saved.  Cheating is not always seen as the end of a relationship, if it is something you can accept from your partner. But it does reflect an immaturity when a person is willing to risk everything by cheating. To take the chance of ruining a relationship, shows a disregard for the feelings of your partner. But if you can gain insight and understand the reasons behind his cheating, you will be able to discuss your feelings about it and let him know the consequence for this action. Do not be afraid to discuss serious things with your partner. He may come to realize that the consequences for cheating is a risk that he doesn’t want to take, when he will lose what means the most to him–you.

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How to save a marriage

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Untitled-1Marriage can be something really special. You get to share everyday with the person you love. But, it can also be challenging and frustrating. The question of “How To Save A Marriage?” is a difficult one. It means dealing with serious issues.  And it is different for each couple. Only you can determine what will work in maintaining and preserving your marriage

Through time there has been tried and tested ways that couples have discovered ways on how to save a marriage.  If you want to save your marriage, there are things you must do.

Such as:


Mistakes are a part of life. Give your husband or wife a chance to make things right with you. When you forgive, you have to mean it. You must show it in your words and actions. There’s no greater impediment to saving a relationship, if you cannot forgive.


Learn to live with your wife’s or husband’s shortcomings. No one is perfect! Don’t react to every little thing in a negative way. Don’t try to change the person you are married to. Your acceptance is the best thing to give, it says to him or her, I love you just the way you are.


Meet your your wife or husband halfway. Be open and flexible. You don’t have to compromise everything. But you should be willing to compromise sometimes, to meet their expectations. If you are the personality type that has to always have your way, it can leave your partner feeling imposed upon all the time. If you are not willing to compromise the problems will continue between you.

Choose thoughtful words

Avoid hurtful words. When the situation has grown intense, choose your words carefully. Speak with a kind tone. Harsh words can drive a wedge between the two of you.  Your words can make it better or worse. So think before you speak. Thoughtfulness is a key ingredient in how to save a marriage and secure a strong relationship.


Don’t assume things based upon your partner’s previous reaction and decision to something . Give your partner an opportunity to explain their actions. Don’t draw a conclusion, before having all the facts. Instead of presuming something, talk things over. Listen to each other with an open mind. Try to work out an issue where you both can agree on a solution.

Never tolerate abusive language nor physical abuse.

If the situation ends up abusive, wait until things calm down, before proceeding toward a solution. Never stick around when there’s physical abuse.  Get professional help as soon as possible.


Be willing to apologize if you have done something to hurt your partner. But don’t apologize just to make things better. You really have to mean it. Give thought to why you need to apologize. If you made a mistake, be big enough to admit to it. Don’t let pride get in the way.

Maintain Intimacy

Intimacy is very important to keep your relationship strong. It is a key component in “How To Save A Marriage.” A lack of intimacy can make you vulnerable to go outside of your marriage. If you are having problems, don’t withhold your love as a way to deprive your partner. Nothing can destroy a relationship or marriage more, then a partner feeling unwanted and unloved.

Appreciate your wife/husband.                                               

Find ways whether big or small to always show your wife or husband that you value the things that are done for you.  Take the time to express your love with words and deeds. The only way your wife or husband can know how much you appreciate him or her, is by you showing it.

What You Can Do To Stop The Arguments

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“I am right” is what you believe when you’re arguing about something. You are passionate about your opinion. It is very difficult to accept that you may not be right in this instance.

It is difficult to admit you are wrong when your feelings are intense about an issue. Both of you want to be right. But if you want to maintain a healthy marriage, it is important to accept that you are not always going to be right. Keep in mind, there is a difference between thinking you are right and actually being right.

The person you are married to has ideas and opinions too. It may not always match what you think. Whether you known each other for a long or short time, accept the fact that the two of you will have different opinions about things, from something as trivial as what type of toothpaste to buy to a more serious issue of how you feel about money.

To stop the arguments:

1. Be flexible.

The rigidity of your position can be a constant source of conflict between you and your wife or husband. You must be willing to give ground to your partner once in a while to avoid a cycle of perpetual arguing. Ask yourself, is it really worth it to win this issue?

2. Accept differences.

You must understand that your wife or husband is an individual with their own personal likes and dislikes. Do not expect him or her to be a mirror reflection of you.

3. Learn not to sweat the small stuff.

This will protect your relationship from being bogged down in petty arguments. There is conflict in relationships. The goal should be to resolve it amicably without tension and hostility toward each other. Don’t let the things you and your partner cannot agree on become a source of constant arguing.

4. Don’t be selfish!

Stopping the arguments and working through conflicts requires having a selfless approach to your relationship. There has to be a willingness to do things that your partner enjoys. To have a more satisfying relationship you must share. Those qualities about your wife or husband are what attracted you. It is why you fell in love with them.

5. Stop trying to get your way and always trying to be right.

After a heated argument, take time to remind yourself what you love about your wife or husband, how he or she makes you feel. Isn’t your partner more important to you than being right all the time.

6. Agree to disagree.

The objective is to give voice to your feelings, to express what you want to say about an issue between the two of you. Each person position about an issue should be respected. No one in the relationship should feel imposed upon by the other. There must be a willingness to agree to disagree. If you try to change each other, it will result in conflict between you. Loving someone means accepting what you cannot change about them. Living with someone means learning to accept the differences between you and discovering how delightful and interesting your life together is because of the experience of it.

How To Get Your Ex Back When You Were Left For Someone Else

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Did your girlfriend or boyfriend leave you for someone else? Are you asking “How do I get my ex back,” because you desperately want him or her back, even though you were left for someone else?

There are some things that you need to think about first like:

Consider dating others.

1 – Actually, it may be best that you pursue others, at least until you sort through things. By moving on to others, and being nonchalant about getting back with your ex, it may relieve some of your stress. You are also showing your ex that you are confident and able to get along without him or her.  This type of quality makes you more appealing to others, as they view you as a bit of a prize. Also, because you are not moping around and wallowing in self-pity, it makes you more attractive.  Caution, don’t overdo it.  By being indifferent to your ex feelings, it could backfire.  It could keep you from getting the one  you really want, to come back to you.

If you are still interested in getting back together with your ex, after you have been separated for a while, then your feelings for him or her are genuine and deep.

2 – Prevention is often better than the cure.

If you want to prevent losing your ex again,  it is vital that you come to understand what happened to cause the breakup.  If you learn from the experiences of your past, it will become easier for you to prevent this situation from occurring again.  Some common reasons for breakups, are being needy and cling. Also being bored with the relationship, and arguing over things without reaching an agreement that settles the problems are issues too that need resolving.

Crawling back to your ex, after a week or two of cooling off is not a good option. Unless you have taken the time to resolve what is causing the problem, you make find yourself in a vicious cycle of repeatedly breaking up with the one you love.  A better option is to change how you relate to each other. This can prevent serious problem between you. Take the time to figure out what is causing the problems between you, before the two of you try to rekindle things.

What caused the breakup?

3 – In most situations, it is likely that  your ex left for a reason. What does the new person in their life offer or have that you don’t provide? What is the new girlfriend or boyfriend giving that you are lacking when your ex is with you? If you can’t answer these questions, you may only be able to keep your ex around temporarily. In time your ex may leave again. Unfilled needs and wants can  drive your ex away for good.

You may have to make some changes to win your ex back.

If you make some changes,  it could give you an edge over your competition. This can give you the ability to win your ex back. If it means taking better care of your hygiene or dressing nicer, behaving more conventionally,  getting your ex back will mean you have succeeded.

The great advantage you have is, your ex has been in a relationship with you.  There is a comfortably level of being used to certain things that your ex has grown accustomed to.  This gives you an edge over the competition for his or her affection. It  easier for your ex to come back to you, rather than trying to start a relationship all over with someone new.

There are no simple answers that will help you get your ex back. But it helps to have a plan.

To sum this up you need to understand that the answers above for your question “How Do I Get Your Ex Back When You Were Left For Someone Else?” has no simple answers. However, you can increase the odds of you winning your ex back if you have a tangible plan to show her you want to get back together with her.

Keys To A Successful Marriage (Find Out What It Is)

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Marriage is the biggest commitment a person can make in the world. Despite this, many marriages fail. But there are some that do succeed. Those couples who celebrate many anniversaries understand some basic things about marriage.

My parents had a successful marriage of forty years until death took my father. Here are the keys to a successful marriage that my mother shared with me.

* Don’t enter the marriage with an assumption that it is going to be like the movies or the novels that you read. Real couples are not always going to be gaga over each other. Romance and passion do fade over time.

* It is natural for couples to fight. In fact many feel fighting is necessary to keep the marriage alive. Fighting adds a spark to the monotony of everyday living. But couples should try to avoid hurting each other with hurtful barbs and taunting words. You have to argue in a positive way. If it is taken too far, angry words can shatter your partner’s self-esteem. There must be mutual respect, even when there are disagreements. Couples in therapy sessions learn to focus on how to speak freely about what is bothering them, without lashing out at each other. Fighting clean is a technique that couples can learn. But physical abuse should never be tolerated.

* You must be willing to make some sacrifices. When one partner makes all the sacrifices, it leads to an unhappy marriage. Partners must share responsibilities in their marriage. This will strengthen the relationship and promote understanding and love between you, which is a key to a successful marriage.

* Physical intimacy is a major factor in establishing a happy marriage. For some, as time goes by, physical intimacy becomes a non-issue. It may be hard to believe, but there are married couples where physical intimacy is not an issue with them. They enjoy their time together. They have learned to enjoy other aspects of their lives together.

* Money is important. Even though love is the glue that holds a marriage together, money is necessary to build security and to establish stability for a family. The traditional roles of a husband being the primary earner and financial supporter of the family is no longer the rule in many marriages. And for many couples the rearing of the children is no longer the only responsibility that a wife has in marriage. Today the wife and the husband are both expected to contribute financial support to the family and to care for the children.

* Don’t neglect to spend enough time with your partner. Spending time with each other produces a strong relationship between a husband and wife. Becoming engrossed in your career and too preoccupied with other things may cause serious problems for you. The two of you may become disconnected and distance from each other. In time you will discover that the two of you have grown indifferent toward your marriage and lack the closeness to each other that you once felt.

*Keep in mind that no marriage is perfect. It requires work. If your marriage is in trouble, don’t be afraid to seek help from someone who can give you the tools you need to re-establish love, rebuild trust, respect, and a commitment to your marriage.

*Never forget to let your partner know that they are the most important person in your life. It is the fundamental key to a successful marriage.

Putting Your Relationship Problems into Perspective

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Putting Your Relationship Problems into Perspective

Relationship problems are a part of life. All couples have them – yes, all couples. In fact, some of the happiest couples on the planet have unresolved relationship problems. Yet, it is in the face of problems that so many relationships fail. So what’s the trick? Why do some relationships succeed and flourish through struggles while others crash and burn? The secret is perspective.

What is a Blissful Relationship?

When most couples think of a blissful relationship, they think of the honeymoon phase. You remember it, don’t you? That’s what you keep hoping your relationship will get back to. The countless hours talking and cuddling, the constant feelings of admiration, the daily romps in the haystack, the lack of arguments and going out of each other’s way to make the other happy – that’s how most people perceive a blissful relationship.

It’s really not all your fault. You see happy couples and they are talking and laughing and seem to be so caring towards one another. You see happy couples plastered all over magazines. You hear ‘relationship experts’ talking about how perfect your life with your partner should be.

Then you look at your relationship. The dog chews up your briefcase and your partner is too engrossed in the screaming baby to care as much as you think she should. You lose your job so you and your partner argue about the bills. Dinner’s running late because you got stuck at the office and your partner feels neglected because you’re not spending enough time together. Your car breaks down on the way to work and since your partner forgot to pay the phone bill, you can’t call work. Your partner loses a family member and is unresponsive to efforts to provide support. You don’t agree on how to raise children or if you should even have children. You like this apartment but he thinks it’s too much. Your partner has a bad day and says something out of frustration and you can’t figure out how to forgive and you’re too tired at the end of the day to be supportive…..

So what’s wrong with your relationship? Why do you have so many problems? Why can’t the two of you get back to that loving place you were in the beginning? Why can’t you have that blissful relationship you keep hearing so much about?

Exposing the Lie

The truth is that, if you really look at your relationship – REALLY look at it – you will probably find that you already have a blissful relationship. The problem isn’t your relationship; it is your perspective of your relationship.

Let’s go back to the beginning and look at it from a different perspective. Remember when your partner made you that special dinner? They tried so hard to make your favorite dish but they aren’t exactly the best cook. They wanted to make you happy and, even though the meal was burnt, you laughed about it together. You thanked your partner for trying so hard and even made an attempt to make them feel better by taking them out to their favorite restaurant.

How is that scenario different today? Has your partner tried to do something loving lately but, instead of seeing their efforts, you saw the fault. Let’s turn the above example around for today. Your partner wants to surprise you and makes your favorite meal but they really can’t cook very well. They burn it. You get frustrated about it because you’re tired and hungry. You argue. You failed to see their loving efforts.

You’re Not Alone

Everyone does it sometimes. We forget that effort is everything. We forget that love goes into the little mistakes in life. We forget that our partner is human. Most of all, we forget that our partner is different from we are – their strengths are different from our own; so are their weaknesses.

Some couples, may forget this momentarily, others fail to see it at all. They forget that there are so many wonderful traits about their partner they love. They forget to nourish the effort instead of scrutinizing the end result.

If you really want to save your relationship, then start seeing the effort. Maybe your partner forgot to pay the phone bill – but what did that money go for? Maybe they bought your birthday gift and forgot about the bill. What were they doing at the time the phone bill was due? Maybe they had spent all day at the doctor’s office. Are they overworked and overstressed like you are?  Maybe there is a way that you can sit down together and manage the bills.

Yes, a healthy relationship does take work. You and your partner may need new tools and techniques for learning how to be mindful of each other’s feelings, be supportive of each other and communicating with each other. But once you discover the truth – that you already have a blissful relationship and that you have exactly the relationship you were meant to have – you realize that the effort needed to maintain a healthy relationship is worth it.

There is no such thing as a relationship without problems. Even in a life as a single person, you are going to have problems. If you are like most couples, your relationship is already blissful – you just have to put life’s problems and your relationship problems into perspective.




Relationship Tips

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It’s a dream to think you can have a perfect marriage. But, there are things you can do to minimize the conflicts and problems between the two of you.

The following tips can be used as a guide to help you prevent problems in your marriage and relationship.

1. Communicate!

It’s important to discuss and work out issues that can affect your marriage: Religion, cultural, social, and economic differences are a major barrier to the harmony in a marriage. Unless you are willing to abandon, transform, or compromise your religious, cultural, social, and economic beliefs, becoming involve with someone who’s the polar opposites of you, may result in insurmountable differences between the two of you.  If the two of you are not compatible in these important areas, there will be serious issues to overcome.  Why take this risk! If you want a lasting and satisfying relationship, make sure the two of you are  attuned with each other beyond the initial attraction.

2. Don’t take each other for granted:

When a relationship is new there’s an effort to please the object of your affection to win their love. You call in the middle of the day just to say hello. Laughing and talking about things  used to bring the two of you enjoyment. Now you don’t talk and laugh like you used to.  If you want your relationship to stay solid,  do something spontaneous to break the monotony.  Stir feelings of love again, like when you first fell in love.

3. Intimacy is Important.  It’s vital to your relationship.

Keep the passions burning by sparking some excitement in your marriage. Discuss with your partner things the two of you can do together to add variety and interest, that can build a deeper level of intimacy. Studies have shown that married people have a more robust sexual life than single people.

4. Make time for each other:

Nothing is more important to a relationship than maintaining closeness. You hear about it everyday, couples growing and drifting apart. To keep this from happening, you must stay integrally and vitally connected to each other.  Children and career are the two biggest factors that come between couples. Take time to be together everyday away from family troubles and job problems, where you can talk and nurture a lasting closeness.

5. Give each other space!:

Clinging to your partner may make him or her feel smothered and stifled. Resentment may build up toward you. It may also make him or her feel you do not trust them.  As an individual your partner has their own needs. Discuss things in an open and honest way. Try to reach an understanding where the two of  you agree to give each other some time to be apart.

Marriage Tips for Newlyweds

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Marriage Tips for Newlyweds

There will be problems in your relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been married a long time or just got together. The key is to not let them mushroom into something serious that could end your marriage. If you think back, you can remember your parents arguing and disagreeing about things. Despite having differences many married couples manage to stay together.

Before you were married everything may have seemed perfect. Not even a discouraging word was heard between the two of you. But now that you are married, you have begun to notice some blemishes in your partner’s personality. There are things that your partner does which is annoying and downright irritating to you at times. But unless your partner has drastically changed, there’s no reason to be concern. It’s just that now you are up close, living in an intimate relationship where you are in contact with each other on a daily basis. So, like the old, partners in new marriages can expect to disagree and even argue at times.

Apply these 5 tips to safeguard against your arguing escalating into something serious.

First: Talk about it.

Express your thoughts and feelings, even intensely if necessary. But, avoid personal attacks that hurt your partner. Don’t say things that belittles and berates them. Communicating about things is good and can save your marriage. But it must be done in the right way.

Second: Don’t let annoyances build up.

If something is allowed to fester until is oozes out, it makes a mess. It’s best to take care of things at the beginning. Problems are easier to solve when they haven’t grown and anger has set in to where feelings are now the issue and both sides are locked into their position.

Third: Stick to what the issue/problem is that’s bothering you.

Don’t be all over the place, going from one issue to another. Try to discuss things when you are both calm. If you are arguing about everything you will only exasperate each other. Try to pick the core issue that is affecting the two of you. If both sides know the problem, it is more likely a solution can be reached.

Fourth: Do what you can to resolve the matter amicably.

It will take some effort for both of you to agree to a solution. Often just sleeping on a problem is enough to bring about a new attitude and shred light on a matter. You may find the problem is no longer an issue between the two of you.

Fifth: Forgive!

This is a very important thing to do. But things may have been said or done that linger in your mind. Understand that when you or your partner have been hurt deeply, it takes time to completely forgive. Keep in mind, neither of you are perfect. When you love someone you overlook their faults and shortcomings. You accept what you cannot change about them. And I’m not talking about a partner who betrayed your trust by cheating on you. That level of hurt you may not be able to forgive. But, if you hold on to the hurt, it will weaken your relationship. It may end the marriage.

Disagreements and arguments are a part of married life. It’s how you handle them that will determine if you will overcome them. Make a commitment to stay together. This means taking the bad with the good. Problems will come. But the two of you are a formidable team against whatever comes your way when you stick together. During difficult times, don’t forget just how much you mean to each other.

Ways to Ignite the Passion and keep the Sparks Burning

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Despite the cynicism about relationships in general, and marriage in particular, most people start out with the expectation of having their love for that special someone last forever. In the beginning there was the toothy smile, the gleam in the eyes. There was the nervous energy that you tried to hide, every time that special person came around you. Being in love makes you vulnerable. Even the biggest cynics, and those with commitment phobia, somewhere buried in their mind is a clinging hope for someone to love. Few people want to live their life alone. Having a marriage or relationship requires effort, a commitment.

Below you will discover some ways to keep the passion and sparks burning .

Keep the Romance Alive!

Explore ways to keep the romance in your relationship. Candlelight dinners, walks along the beach, reading poetry to each other, listening to music together. Find what works for you.It doesn’t have to consume a lot of your time to get those precious moments together. Do something that has special meaning to the both of you. Use your imagination and creativity for romance with your partner!

Add Some Surprise

Most people still have that little kid in them, that enjoy surprises. That spontaneity, when suddenly you’re invited to a trendy club, a restaurant with delectable food. You receive some flowers, or an e-card expressing sentiments of affection. Spontaneity is what adds a spark to an otherwise dull monotonous day. It creates those special moments that makes life pleasurable. Do something to make your partner’s day extraordinary!

Be Enthusiastic

Everyone gets tired due to work schedule, the demands on their time and just the everyday stresses of life.  But you must take time out to talk and listen to your partner. Keep the enthusiasm for each other. If it’s lost, that’s a way for the passion to fizzle and the sparks to dwindle. You’re left with only a memory of the excitement you once felt for each other. Don’t let this happen to you.

Open Up and Express Yourself

You must have uninhibited communication to assure a strong relationship. Keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself, makes it impossible to have true intimacy. It’s like having a wall around you. There’s a part of yourself that you’re not sharing. You need to talk about it. If you are unable to discuss this with your partner, seek help from someone who is qualified to help you overcome this problem.

Resources like save your relationship offers tried and tested advice from real people who overcame similar problems in their marriage and relationship.