Need A Jolt? Spark? Liven Your Relationship

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Things to try:

Spontaneity:  A major complain that couples have about their relationship, is, their partner takes them for granted. Change this perception by doing something out of the ordinary to keep the excitement alive in your relationship. Create something the two of you can do that’s fun and exciting. Arrange an evening together without any distractions that you both can enjoy.

Shower attention on your partner: Surprise your partner by giving him or her special attention. Spend the whole day doting on your partner and indulging him or her with things that delight them.

Have some away time together: If possible take a short vacation together. If you’re not able to get some time off, then as a substitute, schedule a massage for the two of you at a local spa near where you live. A few hours at a spa can transform the two of you with pampering and special attention. It will provide a pleasurable relaxing experience. Getting away will refresh the two of you.

Remember important things:  Celebrate those events that mean something to both of you. Such as, when you first said I love you. The time you propose. Your anniversary, etc,. Send flowers to mark the occasion. Dedicate a special song. Send an e-card or text message with an expression of love to let the special person in your life know that you are thinking about him or her.

Explore something new:  Fulfill your partner fantasy with imaginative ways of satisfying him or her. Couples who have been together long, may need to overcome boredom. Change the routine that the two of you have grown accustomed to by exploring something new. Since this is a sensitive area, make sure you consider your partner’s beliefs and feelings, before you explore and introduce something new.

Keep it simple: If you don’t like going out of your way and it’s not your style to make a fuss about doing things, keep it simple. There are things you can do together that doesn’t require you spending any money or going out somewhere. Perhaps, playing games is more to your liking. You can listen to your favorite music, watch movies or T.V. together. You can snuggle together and read a mystery or share a romance novel. The two of you could go strolling along the beach or take a walk in the park.

Communicate and Listen: You must have uninhibited communication to assure a strong relationship. Keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself makes it impossible to have true intimacy. Open up about what you thinking and feeling. Take time to listen, not just talk. There has to be honest communication for the two of you to have an understanding and stay connected to each other.

Marriage Tips That Work!

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To have a problem free marriage is an utopian dream. Many have tried to find it. But it still remains a dream! Even though, it is true you cannot have a friction free marriage. There are some ways you can minimize friction and problems in your marriage.

To prevent your marriage from ending up as another divorce case, read the following tips.

1. Marry for the right reasons

Marriages fail because people get married for the wrong reasons. A marriage is a union of mind, soul, and body. After the initial physical attraction wane, it may be hard for the two of you to stay together. Make sure you and your partner are in tuned with each other beyond the initial attraction to assure lasting satisfaction.

2. Don’t take each other for granted

When you start a relationship, there’s an effort to please the object of your affection and get them to fall in love with you. But after you become partners, you start to take each other for granted. If you want your marriage to stay rock solid, avoid taking your partner for granted. Make sure he or she knows their importance in your life. Do something spontaneous to add a spark that breaks the monotony of married life.

3. Sex is an important part of marriage

It’s important to realize that a good sexual life is the foundation that contribute to maintaining your marriage. The physical intimacy that a couple share, is vital to the success of the marriage. Stir up some excitement in your marriage to keep the passion burning. Studies have show that married couples have a more robust sexual life than single people do.

4. Make time for each other – Stay connected

You and your partner will drift apart when you don’t spend enough time together. Children and career are the two biggest factors that come between couples. It’s important to find the time to be alone together. Take the time to talk and reconnect on an intimate level away from family troubles and job problems.

5. Give each other space

Don’t cling too tightly. A husband and wife needs to give each other space to grow and develop interests on their own. It adds excitement to the relationship. A clingy partner may make the other one feel smothered and stifled. Give each other space to fulfill individual interests and needs. Clinging to tightly may make your partner feel that you don’t trust him or her and resentment could form toward you. It is important that the two of you pursue individual interests that gives you a sense of satisfaction with what is needed for your life.

How To Know He Loves You

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It’s obvious that men may take a very long time to say “I love you.” But, just because he hasn’t said, “I love you” yet, doesn’t mean he isn’t crazy about you. There’s no one better to tell you when a guy loves you, then himself. The key is how he acts toward you. Check out the signs below to discover how to know if he loves you.

1.You Capture Him Looking at You
Males constantly ogle things they like – it’s a factor that get us caught peeping at the cleavage of women. Take into consideration: With all that eye candy out there, if it’s you he’s staring at, his affection runs deep for you.  “Seeing my special lady at a celebration gives me a private moment to reflect and wonder just how do I deserve such a fantastic person in my life.  Watching her attentively with my eyes,  when she doesn’t know I’m looking at her, is something I hold secretly to myself,” says Drew.

3. He Purchases Food You Like
Finding that his kitchen area is filled with your preferred foods,  diet sodas, and other  edibles (that would only  pass his lips if he was forced-fed ) shows that you are lingering in his thoughts in the most unforeseen and unromantic places – like the produce aisle, when he’s shopping alone.  After getting home, he discover bags of fresh vegetables and fruits that he would never buy. “When this happened to me, it became clear that I had reached a place that seemed natural, where I wanted to please her – I  knew then I was in love,” said Richard.

4. He Doesn’t Mine Your Things At His Place
Men likes to maintain the air of independence, being unattached. The fact that he is acknowledging there’s a woman in his life, when we tend to be fiercely protected of maintaining being free, shows the extent you’re special to him. That he’s in love with you. This is more proof, you’re the one he has decided that he wants in his life long-term.

5. He Shares His Plans
to move to the southeast one day, that may be like a neon alert to signal you it’s time to leave the relationship.  But it also could indicate he’s trying to let you know he wants you in his future.  When a guy has a serious conversation about his future plans, he may be gauging to see if you want to be with him. I’m not saying it is easy for you to determine his true motives. It may take some prodding to find out whether his plans for the future include you.  So, how do you know when a guy’s merely extolling his tactical plan or affectionately declaring his love for you by talking about the future? It comes down to his words and how he says things. If his plans involve moving to an exotic island and sun bathing all day, then you know he isn’t serious about you. On the other hand,  if he shares with you that he plans to move to Florida, at some point, and then asks if you can picture yourself living there, he’s revealing his feelings for a long-term relationship with you.

6. You Are Able To Get Him To Wear That Shirt You Gave Him
Even though as  guy’s most of us are not that particular about what we wear, trusting a woman to select an article of clothing is like a right of passage. We pride ourselves on being who we are, whatever the look. Blame it on the male ego, but we don’t like anyone trying to change our dress, even if it helps us look better. “It’s seen as a sign of weakness for a man to allow any change in his appearance to be dictated by someone else,” explain Brian. So, when a man puts on something picked out by you, that’s an indication he may be in love you.

7. It Is Not An Issue If You Answer His Phone
As men we never know what might be lurking, which could be potentially damaging, that’s hidden on our cell phone – from overzealous probing mothers to ex-girlfriends looking for a last get together with us. If we allow you to answer that personal device, that holds secrets and intimate things about us, it shows you have a clear path and there’s nothing being kept from you. “Men in general, aren’t open to sharing details about their life. When a guy gives you access to his phone – he making you privy to information you could use against him. For him, to willingly let you answer his phone, indicates he’s planning on remaining with you for the rest of his life,” according to Richard.

How To Stay Connected In Your Marriage

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To weather through the ups and downs, the good times and the bad times, you need  to discover how to stay connected by:

Opening up about what’s bothering you.

Take the time to gain some insight to identify the source of your unhappiness. Maybe you feel emotionally disconnected from your wife or husband. Maybe you feel he or she no longer finds you desirable. After examining things closely, you learn that their behavior has nothing to do with you. And there’s also a possibility that your spouse could be experiencing emotional or physical difficulties too. The bottom line is, unless you open up and discuss what’s bothering you, the two of you could find yourselves drifting farther apart from each other.

Taking The Initiative.

As stated earlier, marriages go through ups and downs. If you are experiencing a down period in your marriage, take the initiative toward staying connected to your wife or husband. Understand that you need to approach the situation with a positive attitude to get back to that place where things are looking up again for the two of you.

Talking things over.

If communication has been difficult between you lately, wait for things to calm down. When the anger has subsided, you will more likely be receptive and open to talking things over. Even if you had a right to be angry, a solution to your problems is easier to reach when enough time has passed where you both want a reconciliation. The two of you may discover that your reactions are based on what you perceived you did to each other. Once your emotions are not heated anymore, you will be able to engage in meaningful conversations with each other toward working out your problems.

Call. Text. Write a note.

When life is hectic and there’s not much time to see each other, taking the time to phone, text, or write a note can help. It is a great way to stay connected to each other. A day can take on a different look and feeling, when  the person you love know you were thinking of her or him.

5 Steps To Fix Your Relationship

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Sometimes relationships, like broken ceramic vases, need fixing. Couples go through rough roads once in a while. These rough roads shake up a relationship no matter how stable it appears. Having these rough patches doesn’t mean that the relationship is ending. You and your partner can get through these problems together.

Here are 5 steps to fix your relationship.

1. Determine what is causing the friction and problems between you.

If you want to fix your relationship, do not pretend that there is nothing wrong. Once you determine the root cause of your problems the two of you must face them head on.

2. Avoid blaming your partner for mistakes.

If you play the blame game, it will only create more drama. And it won’t solve anything. Keep in mind you both have made mistakes during the course of the relationship.

3. Talk to each other on how to fix your problems.

If talking doesn’t clarify things, seek out someone to assist you in seeing clearly what the problems are, someone who can help in determining how to fix your relationship. Keep the lines of communication open with each other. The best way to fix a relationship is to  tell your partner about what’s bothering you. It’s the best way to fix a relationship. Don’t keep things bogged inside of you. This can cause the problems between you to fester and become worse.

4. Reaching a solution, give you the best chance of successfully fixing your relationship.

Both of you must come to a comfortable place where you can agree. Make sure you are exerting effort and making the necessary sacrifice to make things between the two of you work.

5. Give it time.

Don’t grow impatient, if the problems between you aren’t resolved right away. Problems usually don’t disappear overnight, especially when they have lingered between you a long time. If you are determine to stay together, you may need to give a generous among of time to fix your relationship.

Mr Right vs Mr Right Now

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Mr Right vs Mr Right Now

Mr Right vs Mr Right Now    By Rebecca Keller

There comes a point in every relationship when we ask ourselves “Is this thing going anywhere?” Sometimes the answer may be excruciatingly obvious—like if the man you’ve been seeing for two months has you on a rotating date schedule with at least two other women (that you know of), or he still introduces you as “my friend, so-and-so” after six months of more-than-friendly activities. If you have any doubts about your relationship, chances are you already know that your man is probably not the prince for whom you’ve been waiting all these years. But what if the signs aren’t so clear, and the question that could ultimately make or break your relationship looms over you like a dark cloud? Men, at least the commitment probes, tend to scare easily, and a statement such as “We need to talk” may send an insecure man running for the hills, at which time he will curl up in the fetal position and suck his thumb until the big, bad serious-conversation monster (you) leaves him alone. There may be some small ways for you to determine for yourself if your man’s in it for the long haul, without having to play Russian Roulette with your love life.

He keeps a toothbrush at your place.

If his toothbrush stands proudly next to yours in the toothbrush holder, at least he plans on coming back to your house some time soon. The very presence of his toothbrush is proof that he’s given some thought about a future with you in it—a future that he intends to have past tonight. Of course, if he doesn’t keep a toothbrush at your place, all hope is not lost. He may be using your brush, which could be considered charming—in a disgusting kind of way. If he thinks you’re close enough to be sharing a toothbrush, you’ve reached a level of intimacy that some couples never attain.

Your favorite overnight attire waits you.

He has a certain t-shirt and boxer shorts ensemble that you like to wear when you sleep over at his place. If you’re ready to go to sleep and said outfit is folded—or maybe just piled—and waiting for you on your side of the bed, he’s had premeditated notions of seeing you again—at his place, in his clothes. If he expends any kind of energy on you when you’re not around, he’s probably thinking about you more than he’d like to admit. And that’s a good sign.

He switches radio stations when you get into the car.

He likes hard rock, and you like R&B. You know this, yet his radio is blaring Usher’s “Burn” when he picks you up for your date. This could mean three things. 1.) He got confused. 2.) He was too lazy to change the station after the last time you were in the car. 3.) He knows what you like, and he’s willing to take one for the team to ensure your happiness. If he’s hard core hard rock, he probably wouldn’t listen to R&B if he didn’t have to, and he most likely did not get confused. If he let’s you pick the station, he’s willing to give up something that less-into-you men would never consider. Which also pertains to television watching. If he lets you choose a show, even if it isn’t all the time, this is still a major event worth noting. He’s compromising something that most men consider very sacred, and the fact that he’s sharing the power with you is a big deal.

While we’re on the subject of music . . .

He sings along with you singing along with the radio. Instead of wasting his energy telling you how tone-deaf you are, or turning up the volume to drown out your voice, he warms up his vocal chords and joins you in the accompaniment, knowing quite well that he can not carry a tune. He’s willing to make a fool of himself in front of you, and men don’t easily joke around with pride. And if he doesn’t know the words and still sings along—well, that’s something special.

He plays with your pet even though he’s allergic to animal fur.

He’s willing to risk watery eyes, blotchy skin, and a swollen face to hang out with you. Even if he doesn’t exactly play with your cat, he’s become accustomed to being in the same room as Princess, and he may even sit next to her on the sofa occasionally. He’s immersing himself into a part of your life that’s important to you, and he’s putting his life—or at least his appearance—on the line to do it.

He keeps an endless supply of your favorite foods/drinks in his house.

You like cream cheese on your bagel in the morning, and cream cheese makes him gag, yet he designates an entire drawer in the refrigerator for the stuff (basically because he doesn’t want any of his food near it, but still). He keeps both mild and hot salsa in his fridge because he knows you don’t like anything too spicy. He’s opening his kitchen to you and your favorite things, instead of just forcing you to eat what he has lying around, which, let’s be honest, may sometimes be taste-bud suicide. And if he starts to clear off a shelf in his cupboard for your cereal and crackers, he may start making room in his house for more than just your food.

He cooks meals to fit your tastes.

He has an amazing recipe for Chile, but you don’t eat chilli because you have an inexplicable aversion to kidney beans. He makes dinner one night—chilli—and you find yourself reaching for the Easy Mac, until you realize he’s made this batch sans kidney beans. He’s altering recipes for you now, which is another sign that he knows what you like—better yet, remembers what you don’t like—and plans accordingly. And you can’t really go too wrong with that.

He remembers something important you said four months ago.

It’s your first holiday season with your man, and you’re slightly nervous because he hasn’t asked you what you wanted for Christmas. As it turns out, he bought you a bunch of things you’d said you wanted at one point or another. But here’s the kicker. You brought up most of these things in a fleeting conversation which you barely remember yourself. If he remembers what you told him yesterday, it’s a good sign, let alone something you said months ago. This means he’s filling space in his memory with things that he feels may be important to know in the future, and these things have something to do with you. Statistically, you should be in good shape if he remembers firsts and important dates, and he hasn’t mixed up any of your important dates with important dates of other relationships (i.e accidentally wishing you a happy anniversary on his ex-girlfriend’s birthday).

He still likes you even after he sees you without makeup and post workout

No one looks like a supermodel after working out, and if he pops by unannounced, or invites himself along on your daily jog, he will inevitably see the side of you that you’ve been meticulously covering with make-up and primping. If he still asks you out after he’s seen your ever-attractive matted hair and the fountain of sweat pouring off your body, then he’s a keeper.

Of course, there are other signs—some obvious, some ambiguous—that your relationship is moving forward:

He offers you a key to his apartment. He introduces you to his parents (and is lovey dovey with you in front of them) He calls you during guys’ night out. These and other small gestures speak volumes about a relationship’s potential for advancement.

No sign is fool-proof.

Some men have learned to manipulate the system for their own personal gain. And these Mr Right now,  blend in with the Mr Right,  but they aren’t undetectable.  So don’t feel hopeless.

In a world where no one—man or woman—wants to jeopardize a good thing because the alternative seems a bit too daunting, being able to identify the positive signs in your relationship without uttering the phrase, “Do you see a future for us?” may be an integral part of keeping your relationship alive.

Even Mr. Right can get scared by a verbal declaration of commitment.  Even, if he’s been planning your future in his head for months.

A healthy Marriage Has These 5 Ingredients

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A healthy Marriage Has These 5 Ingredients


Couples get married every day. Sadly they get divorced every day too. Of all the things a man and woman can decide to do, marriage is perhaps one of the most difficult. The getting married part is easy. It’s having a successful and happy marriage that’s difficult to achieve.

More than half the people who decide to get married will find themselves facing a divorce within five years or less. Although these statistics are alarming, the divorce rate has declined in recent years. The primary reason for this decline is couples have spurned the traditional marriage and have chosen to live together instead.

Living together, whether married or not has its challenges. What makes a marriage healthy? The reasons are varied. Some of the factors are social, cultural, and religious.

There are some key ingredients that a marriage has to have to succeed.


There must be a commitment from both of you to make the relationship work.  For some commitment is a scary word. They back away when anything serious is require of them. Their mind conjures up thoughts of a ball and chain, a nagging spouse and mounting bills. A commitment requires maturity and soberness of mind, that even when things are difficult, you will remain together.


You must talk about things! It seems so simple. Most know how important it is to communicate about things with each other. Yet couples fail to include this essential ingredient. Not discussing your thoughts about issues, nor expressing how you feel, will lead to a misunderstanding about things. Make it a priority to talk about what’s going on in the home and at work.  And don’t forget to share your private thoughts and feelings. The things you have been holding in, let them out! Only when there is complete openness and honesty, by communicating with each other, can a deep level of intimacy be realized, which is what you should strive for in your relationship.

Satisfy each other needs

Strive to meet each other needs emotionally, mentally, and physically. You must desire to take care of one another in every way. It should be a pleasure and not a chore. Treat your partner as a friend and a lover. Love, appreciate, admire, and respect each other. You will find that this ingredient in your relationship can do wonders to make those petty annoyances that all couples experience a fleeing moment in time.

Maintain a good balance of work, relaxation, and pleasure

Work, laugh, and play together. When a decision has to be made, do it together. Set common goals and work toward achieving them.

Keep a sense of humor

A sense of humor is a must if your marriage is to survive. Take the time to have some light moments. A sense of humor is a great quality to cultivate. Whenever you can interject something to bring laughter or cheer to your partner, that will help to lighten things between the two of you. There are enough serious things in life we all have to face. Having something to make us laugh is uplifting. It gives us the resiliency to overcome whatever life send our way.

Ingredients of a good marriage are like the ingredients of a good recipe. It is lasting. And it is satisfying.

How To Escape Marriage Boredom

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Untitled-1Being married can be great. But the mundane everyday stuff can have you falling into a rut. As a couple you must find a way out of this marriage boredom, where each day feels like a repeat of the previous day. To escape the daily marriage  routine, add some excitement.  There are things you can do to escape the predictability of everyday married life.


To add a spark to your marriage, try these 4 simple things.

1. Date Night.

One way to create some change in your marriage is to go out on dates with your spouse. The two of you need to have some time together to get away from children and other family pressures. Set aside a few hours for a night of fun. Date night doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s simply about the two of you hanging out together and enjoying each other.  Shut out the rest of the world and tune into one another. You can watch a movie together.  Take a stroll together through the park and check out the sights. Plan an evening preparing a special dish together. Listen to music, play games, or snuggle up and watch t.v. together. The objective is for the two of you to take some time to have fun.

2. Surprises.

When things have become so boring that you and your spouse seem more like room-mates,  then husband and wife, do something unexpected, spontaneous break the routine between the two of you.  Grab your wife or husband and give them a warm tight hug. Surprise your spouse by tenderly kissing them. Whisper something naughty in their ear.  The idea is to do something that pleasantly surprises your wife or husband break out of the routine.

3. Add some adventure.

Do something that the two of you never tried. Consider going camping or hiking for the weekend.  Sign up for art lessons or take a dance or exercise class together.  Motivate each toward a healthy lifestyle.

4. Laugh and play.

A fun way to add some excitement is to play with each other.  How about washing the car together and turning it into fun with water play. Toss sponges at one another. Laugh at something silly. Tickle each other. Have a pillow fight. Act like kids. Laughing and playing together will greatly help to reduce stress. It will keep you and your spouse in a good mood and make the relationship you have enjoyable.

What You Can Do To Stop The Arguments

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“I am right” is what you believe when you’re arguing about something. You are passionate about your opinion. It is very difficult to accept that you may not be right in this instance.

It is difficult to admit you are wrong when your feelings are intense about an issue. Both of you want to be right. But if you want to maintain a healthy marriage, it is important to accept that you are not always going to be right. Keep in mind, there is a difference between thinking you are right and actually being right.

The person you are married to has ideas and opinions too. It may not always match what you think. Whether you known each other for a long or short time, accept the fact that the two of you will have different opinions about things, from something as trivial as what type of toothpaste to buy to a more serious issue of how you feel about money.

To stop the arguments:

1. Be flexible.

The rigidity of your position can be a constant source of conflict between you and your wife or husband. You must be willing to give ground to your partner once in a while to avoid a cycle of perpetual arguing. Ask yourself, is it really worth it to win this issue?

2. Accept differences.

You must understand that your wife or husband is an individual with their own personal likes and dislikes. Do not expect him or her to be a mirror reflection of you.

3. Learn not to sweat the small stuff.

This will protect your relationship from being bogged down in petty arguments. There is conflict in relationships. The goal should be to resolve it amicably without tension and hostility toward each other. Don’t let the things you and your partner cannot agree on become a source of constant arguing.

4. Don’t be selfish!

Stopping the arguments and working through conflicts requires having a selfless approach to your relationship. There has to be a willingness to do things that your partner enjoys. To have a more satisfying relationship you must share. Those qualities about your wife or husband are what attracted you. It is why you fell in love with them.

5. Stop trying to get your way and always trying to be right.

After a heated argument, take time to remind yourself what you love about your wife or husband, how he or she makes you feel. Isn’t your partner more important to you than being right all the time.

6. Agree to disagree.

The objective is to give voice to your feelings, to express what you want to say about an issue between the two of you. Each person position about an issue should be respected. No one in the relationship should feel imposed upon by the other. There must be a willingness to agree to disagree. If you try to change each other, it will result in conflict between you. Loving someone means accepting what you cannot change about them. Living with someone means learning to accept the differences between you and discovering how delightful and interesting your life together is because of the experience of it.

Marriage Advice For Women

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Untitled-1There is a need for good marriage advice for women. Some women view marriage as something that they intensely want. They fall head over heels in love, go after a man, confess their love to him, and then plan to marry him, even though they barely know him. As soon as they are married,they have illusions of their husbands being transformed  into their idea of a husband. It doesn’t take long, before they realize this type of marriage isn’t what they want. Now the marriage has become a source of frustration. There are many voices with marriage advice for women. Only you can decide who and what to listen to.

Uniqueness of Males and Females

Men and women are different. Some may want to dispute it. But the general consensus accept this as true. The difference is obviously shown in the anatomy of both sexes. But it is also evident in how men and women think. This uniqueness is the most common problem in marriage. One area of marriage advice for women that has been given over the years is, not to dominate their husbands. It is thought and still believed by many, that men were created to be hunters and leaders. But in this new technological world, both sexes are acknowledged to be equal. Yet, the old thoughts about men and women transcends generations.

Today in our advance digital computerize world, men and women are still defined by gender roles. Even though these attitudes still hold true today, there are couples paving the way to break from being solely identified by these stereotype roles. They have charted their own path. Today you have married men who stay home. And you have married women that work to support the family. True, this type of arrangement is the exception in most marriages. But this type of relationship does exist. The key is, each couple must determine what type of role they want for themselves in their marriage. No one should decide that for you.

Do you want a traditional man with old fashion ideas about the role of women? Or do you prefer a free thinking man who is progressive in his attitude toward women, who wants a non-traditional relationship, where he doesn’t have to be the bread-winner in the family, and he can be a stay at home husband.  Those who dare to be different in their choices, risk being criticized by others, for their non-traditional view of marriage. Those who view  tradition as something sacred, will have a difficult time accepting this marital choice from you.  You have to decide if following the path of tradition, is right for you.

The reality of marriage
Some women still think of marriage like a fairytale. But a wake up call comes quickly when marriage hits them with all it involves. There is stress that you have to contend with, and the everyday mundane things that paints married life.  Once you are married, you discover that marriage isn’t a fairytale existence.  It involves children, household responsibilities, finances, the demands on you to meet your husband needs, and all the other things you are confronted with day-to-day.

There are sacrifices that you have to make in a relationship. Taking care of your family’s needs is your number one priority. It may mean that your dreams have to be deferred to a more opportune time. Or perhaps they may never be fulfilled. Those are the choices one has to make in a marriage.  For most people, the thinking is, the family has to come first over everything else, which means women tend to sacrifice the things they want, for the sake of the marriage. The sacrifice of ones’ own dreams and desires, for the sake of the marriage,  is a key factor that women should consider before marrying.

Heed the warning signs.
Are you too busy with your career? Are outside distractions occupying a lot of your time? If this is the case, you may find the two of you growing apart. What once was a top priority– the relationship, is now struggling to be relevant in your life, due to other priorities occupying most of your time. If this has happen to you, take action. Don’t ignore the warning signs. Never overlook the relationship between you and your husband. Don’t let children, career, nor anything else cause the two of you to drift apart.

Set aside time to talk, to laugh, and to listen. Rekindle those flames into a passion again, to spark your love anew.  
Take the time to get away, if only for a weekend. Show interest and enthusiasm in the one you love. Keep the fires burning brightly between the two of you. Always make time to be together. Remember that the relationship started, because you fell in love with one another. Don’t let it become cold and distance, until it fades away.

Take seriously any matter that’s affecting your marriage. Act immediately to resolve the issue. That’s the best marriage advice for women that you can listen to.