Rekindle The Passion You Once Felt

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Have you notice a change in your marriage? What was once a hot and heavy relationship between you, now barely flickers. Over time the relationship you share may become lackluster   The flames of ardor are no longer stirred. After years of being married, things between you may seems mundane and routine. To prevent your marriage from settling into such an existence , you must make it your priority.

These 5 suggestions can help you discover ways to put the fire of passion back in your marriage.

1. Set Aside Time For Romance

Rekindling the passion you once felt for each other, doesn’t have to consume a lot of your time. It can be something as simple as a walk along the beach holding hands, a candlelight dinner, or listening to your favorite songs. The two of you could cuddle up on the couch together and watch a movie or your favorite videos.  Just need to find what works for the two of you. Use your imagination to create some magical moments of romance.

2. Add Spontaneity.

When you are unexpectedly invited to a trendy new restaurant with jamming music and delectable food, that type of spontaneous gesture adds joy and excitement to your day. You can send a text message that expresses feelings of love.  Sending a text message with feelings of love or some flowers, is what adds a spark to an otherwise monotonous day.  A spontaneous gesture creates those moments in life that leads to pleasant memories. And it results in keeping a fire inside of you burning. Think how you would feel to suddenly have something special happen to brighten your day.

3. Listen Attentively!

Listening is such a simple thing to do. Yet, many couples fail to spend time just listening to each other. Taking the time to listen to each other will keep you connected in your relationship. Talk about what’s on your mind to discover what you need and want from each other.

4. Be Enthusiastic

Remember when you first met, how you waited with anticipation for that moment to see each other. The two of you showed interest in what you both did and said. Even with no special plans, there was an excitement of just being together, . This special way you felt was the reason why you got married. Recapturing those feelings again will spark a fire that can restore you once had for one another.

5. Do Something Different, Adventurous

Take that cooking class together. Try an outdoor activity. It doesn’t matter what you do. Try something that takes you out of the comfort zone you have grown accustomed to. Do something where you both can experience something new. Recaptures those special feelings of closeness, like when you first fell in love. If you enjoy reading, you can join other enthusiastic readers to discuss characters and events from books. The two of you can prepare some portions of food that you both enjoy and spend an evening in each other company.

All it takes to rekindle the fire and restore your marriage is wanting to do it. Explore ways to make it happen.


A healthy Marriage Has These 5 Ingredients

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A healthy Marriage Has These 5 Ingredients


Couples get married every day. Sadly they get divorced every day too. Of all the things a man and woman can decide to do, marriage is perhaps one of the most difficult. The getting married part is easy. It’s having a successful and happy marriage that’s difficult to achieve.

More than half the people who decide to get married will find themselves facing a divorce within five years or less. Although these statistics are alarming, the divorce rate has declined in recent years. The primary reason for this decline is couples have spurned the traditional marriage and have chosen to live together instead.

Living together, whether married or not has its challenges. What makes a marriage healthy? The reasons are varied. Some of the factors are social, cultural, and religious.

There are some key ingredients that a marriage has to have to succeed.


There must be a commitment from both of you to make the relationship work.  For some commitment is a scary word. They back away when anything serious is require of them. Their mind conjures up thoughts of a ball and chain, a nagging spouse and mounting bills. A commitment requires maturity and soberness of mind, that even when things are difficult, you will remain together.


You must talk about things! It seems so simple. Most know how important it is to communicate about things with each other. Yet couples fail to include this essential ingredient. Not discussing your thoughts about issues, nor expressing how you feel, will lead to a misunderstanding about things. Make it a priority to talk about what’s going on in the home and at work.  And don’t forget to share your private thoughts and feelings. The things you have been holding in, let them out! Only when there is complete openness and honesty, by communicating with each other, can a deep level of intimacy be realized, which is what you should strive for in your relationship.

Satisfy each other needs

Strive to meet each other needs emotionally, mentally, and physically. You must desire to take care of one another in every way. It should be a pleasure and not a chore. Treat your partner as a friend and a lover. Love, appreciate, admire, and respect each other. You will find that this ingredient in your relationship can do wonders to make those petty annoyances that all couples experience a fleeing moment in time.

Maintain a good balance of work, relaxation, and pleasure

Work, laugh, and play together. When a decision has to be made, do it together. Set common goals and work toward achieving them.

Keep a sense of humor

A sense of humor is a must if your marriage is to survive. Take the time to have some light moments. A sense of humor is a great quality to cultivate. Whenever you can interject something to bring laughter or cheer to your partner, that will help to lighten things between the two of you. There are enough serious things in life we all have to face. Having something to make us laugh is uplifting. It gives us the resiliency to overcome whatever life send our way.

Ingredients of a good marriage are like the ingredients of a good recipe. It is lasting. And it is satisfying.

How To Escape Marriage Boredom

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Untitled-1Being married can be great. But the mundane everyday stuff can have you falling into a rut. As a couple you must find a way out of this marriage boredom, where each day feels like a repeat of the previous day. To escape the daily marriage  routine, add some excitement.  There are things you can do to escape the predictability of everyday married life.


To add a spark to your marriage, try these 4 simple things.

1. Date Night.

One way to create some change in your marriage is to go out on dates with your spouse. The two of you need to have some time together to get away from children and other family pressures. Set aside a few hours for a night of fun. Date night doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s simply about the two of you hanging out together and enjoying each other.  Shut out the rest of the world and tune into one another. You can watch a movie together.  Take a stroll together through the park and check out the sights. Plan an evening preparing a special dish together. Listen to music, play games, or snuggle up and watch t.v. together. The objective is for the two of you to take some time to have fun.

2. Surprises.

When things have become so boring that you and your spouse seem more like room-mates,  then husband and wife, do something unexpected, spontaneous break the routine between the two of you.  Grab your wife or husband and give them a warm tight hug. Surprise your spouse by tenderly kissing them. Whisper something naughty in their ear.  The idea is to do something that pleasantly surprises your wife or husband break out of the routine.

3. Add some adventure.

Do something that the two of you never tried. Consider going camping or hiking for the weekend.  Sign up for art lessons or take a dance or exercise class together.  Motivate each toward a healthy lifestyle.

4. Laugh and play.

A fun way to add some excitement is to play with each other.  How about washing the car together and turning it into fun with water play. Toss sponges at one another. Laugh at something silly. Tickle each other. Have a pillow fight. Act like kids. Laughing and playing together will greatly help to reduce stress. It will keep you and your spouse in a good mood and make the relationship you have enjoyable.

Secrets To A Healthy Marriage

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With all the divorce going around and all the failed relationships, it makes one wonder whether there is a way to make a marriage work. Here are some of the secrets to what makes a marriage strong and healthy despite all the many challenges in today’s world.

1.  Being right is not always right. One of the secrets to a healthy marriage is to control the desire to always be right. There is nothing to be gained by always wanting to be right in every single argument or discussion. On the contrary, the desire to be right can only mean more fights and more arguments. When each person is fighting to be right, both lose.

2.  Divorce is never an option. The problem with most couples today is that they always tend to believe that when things go wrong, they can always give up on the relationship and get a divorce. Hardly anyone wants to make that extra effort to make the marriage work. One of the most important secrets to a healthy marriage is COMMITMENT. Having such a mindset allows people to find solutions even when it appears that the marriage has reached boiling point. Such would not be possible if the people in the marriage have an exit strategy to fall back on.

3.  There is no such thing as a “perfect marriage”.  One of the common misconceptions is that a person should simply find his or her soul mate and the marriage will go on happily ever after.  However, among the secrets to a healthy marriage is to accept the fact that a “perfect marriage” does not exist. Whenever two people decide to share their lives together, they are bound to find some wonderful moments and some really irritating ones top.  Striving for a great marriage means having a lot of understanding and a huge amount of patience.

4.  Marriage means giving. Most people believe that marriage is a 50/50 partnership. The truth is, it is more like 60/40. Among the secrets to a healthy marriage is to give 60% and to take 40% for both parties. Successful marriages are those where the parties put their spouses first.  There is no room for “looking out for myself first” if you want the marriage to last. If you are more concerned about yourself than your spouse then you are headed for trouble.

5.  Respect. There is no way that love can exist if there is no respect. In a marriage, respect must never be overlooked.

6.  Do not stop dating. Many times we hear people say that it is not the quantity of time that really matters, but the quality of time. One of the many secrets of a healthy marriage is that the quantity of quality time that truly matters. Dating need not mean spending a lot of money. Picnics in a park or simply sharing take-out while watching a sunset requires very little expense but wonderful moments together.

What Does It Take To Have A Strong Marriage?

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To have a problem free marriage is a utopian dream. Yet there are things you can do to minimize the conflicts between the two of you, that will enable you to have a strong marriage. The six things presented here have proven to be important factors for couples who have a strong marriage.

Those with a strong marriage:

1. Don’t allow differences to be a constant source of conflict between them. Whether its money, child rearing or something as divisive as religion, those with a strong marriage don’t let their differences drive them apart. They settle their disputes amicably if possible. But if that cannot be done, then they agree to disagree. Experience has taught them to accept that there are differences between them and to simply move on. But there are major barriers to even a strong marriage, such as, being married to someone who core values are opposite of your own. Give your marriage a chance, by seeking out someone who beliefs and values you share. If the two of you are not compatible in those areas that mean the most to you, there will be serious issues that may impede your ability to have a strong marriage.

2. They set aside time for each other. When a relationship is new there’s an effort to please the object of your affection, to win their love. But after becoming partners, some couples take each other for granted. Keep in mind, it takes the same amount of effort to maintain the relationship, that it did for you to win each other. Every now and then, call in the middle of the day, just to say hello. Let the one you love know that you miss them. Couples drift apart when they become preoccupied with other things and stop spending time together. Children and career are the two biggest factors that come between a husband and wife.  Make sure you set aside special time to get away together where you can reconnect and rekindle those special feelings. Take the time to let your wife or husband know how much they mean to you.

3. They take the time to discuss what’s important to each other. They find the time to talk and laugh about things. The lines of communication are kept open. If anything comes up, they are right on it.

4. They interject some spontaneity to breaks the monotony of married life. An unexpected trip together, a weekend at a spa can be just what your marriage needs to give it a spark. These simple acts can stir feelings of love anew again, like when you first fell in love.

5. They realize that Intimacy is an important part of marriage. A good sexual life is  fundamental in maintaining a strong marriage. The intimacy that the two of you share is vital to your marriage. Discuss intimate things with your wife or husband to find out what is comfortable for both of you. Keep the passions burning by stirring up excitement between you.

6.They give their partner space to pursue other interests and to have friendship with others. Just like disinterested partners can cause a marriage to fail, people who cling too tightly to their partner may cause their marriage to slide downhill too. Clinging to your wife or husband too tightly may make them feel stifled and unsatisfied. Refusing to give some space to them to do things or to be with other people may cause them to develop resentment toward you. It is important to allow your wife or husband to pursue interests that gives him or her a sense of satisfaction that’s needed to fulfill their life. Couples in a strong marriage have learned that they need space to do things apart from their partner. That they need to be able to have interests and meaningful relationships with other people.

Marriage Advice For Women

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Untitled-1There is a need for good marriage advice for women. Some women view marriage as something that they intensely want. They fall head over heels in love, go after a man, confess their love to him, and then plan to marry him, even though they barely know him. As soon as they are married,they have illusions of their husbands being transformed  into their idea of a husband. It doesn’t take long, before they realize this type of marriage isn’t what they want. Now the marriage has become a source of frustration. There are many voices with marriage advice for women. Only you can decide who and what to listen to.

Uniqueness of Males and Females

Men and women are different. Some may want to dispute it. But the general consensus accept this as true. The difference is obviously shown in the anatomy of both sexes. But it is also evident in how men and women think. This uniqueness is the most common problem in marriage. One area of marriage advice for women that has been given over the years is, not to dominate their husbands. It is thought and still believed by many, that men were created to be hunters and leaders. But in this new technological world, both sexes are acknowledged to be equal. Yet, the old thoughts about men and women transcends generations.

Today in our advance digital computerize world, men and women are still defined by gender roles. Even though these attitudes still hold true today, there are couples paving the way to break from being solely identified by these stereotype roles. They have charted their own path. Today you have married men who stay home. And you have married women that work to support the family. True, this type of arrangement is the exception in most marriages. But this type of relationship does exist. The key is, each couple must determine what type of role they want for themselves in their marriage. No one should decide that for you.

Do you want a traditional man with old fashion ideas about the role of women? Or do you prefer a free thinking man who is progressive in his attitude toward women, who wants a non-traditional relationship, where he doesn’t have to be the bread-winner in the family, and he can be a stay at home husband.  Those who dare to be different in their choices, risk being criticized by others, for their non-traditional view of marriage. Those who view  tradition as something sacred, will have a difficult time accepting this marital choice from you.  You have to decide if following the path of tradition, is right for you.

The reality of marriage
Some women still think of marriage like a fairytale. But a wake up call comes quickly when marriage hits them with all it involves. There is stress that you have to contend with, and the everyday mundane things that paints married life.  Once you are married, you discover that marriage isn’t a fairytale existence.  It involves children, household responsibilities, finances, the demands on you to meet your husband needs, and all the other things you are confronted with day-to-day.

There are sacrifices that you have to make in a relationship. Taking care of your family’s needs is your number one priority. It may mean that your dreams have to be deferred to a more opportune time. Or perhaps they may never be fulfilled. Those are the choices one has to make in a marriage.  For most people, the thinking is, the family has to come first over everything else, which means women tend to sacrifice the things they want, for the sake of the marriage. The sacrifice of ones’ own dreams and desires, for the sake of the marriage,  is a key factor that women should consider before marrying.

Heed the warning signs.
Are you too busy with your career? Are outside distractions occupying a lot of your time? If this is the case, you may find the two of you growing apart. What once was a top priority– the relationship, is now struggling to be relevant in your life, due to other priorities occupying most of your time. If this has happen to you, take action. Don’t ignore the warning signs. Never overlook the relationship between you and your husband. Don’t let children, career, nor anything else cause the two of you to drift apart.

Set aside time to talk, to laugh, and to listen. Rekindle those flames into a passion again, to spark your love anew.  
Take the time to get away, if only for a weekend. Show interest and enthusiasm in the one you love. Keep the fires burning brightly between the two of you. Always make time to be together. Remember that the relationship started, because you fell in love with one another. Don’t let it become cold and distance, until it fades away.

Take seriously any matter that’s affecting your marriage. Act immediately to resolve the issue. That’s the best marriage advice for women that you can listen to.

How To Keep Your Marriage Alive

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How To Keep Your Marriage Alive

As you look back to when you dated your wife or husband, you probably remember what you were wearing. You still recall the food you ate and  the things you said to each other. The song that was playing on the car radio is still a memorable refrain.  You even remember how it felt to hold hands. But now after being married for a while it seems like the disagreements between the two of you is what lingers in your mind. The dirty dishes being left in the sink bother you more than it use to. Where did the spark between the two of you go, that was once so strong you wonder.

Marriage is a day-to-day routine with many responsibilities that can take its toll on a couple.  It’s normal for the newness to wane and the excitement to subside. The good news is no matter how long you have been together you can find that excitement for each other again.

To capture that spark again.

Let your partner know what you need to be happy and fulfill. Spend time alone together. But don’t use this time to discuss the bills, the kids, or the leaky faucet. Focus only on the two of you. Show tenderness toward your wife or husband like you used to do. Open up to each other with words of love and appreciation.  Spend the time-sharing with your spouse how she or he meets your needs and makes you happy. Make this a time for relating to each other as friends. Couples who place importance on maintaining a friendship with each other find their marriage to be more satisfying. Take the time to get away to reconnect as lovers and friends.

Pay attention to what is reveal through your partner’s verbal and non-verbal communication.  Listening is more than just hearing someone’s words. It’s taking the time to pay attention, to understand what actually being said and reveal to you. Listen to the tone of the words. Learn to pick up the non verbal message that your partner’s body language is saying to you. Be thoughtful and considerate not to interrupt your when s/he is speaking to you.

Set aside time to be together.                                                                                                                               Plan a day of the week or month, whatever is your preference, when you can go out on a date together. Do things together that you both enjoy. You can jog together or walk along the beach. You can get some finger foods, refreshing beverages and have a picnic in the park.  Or take a drive to a romantic spot where the two of you can relax.  Let the cares of the day just disappear for a while as you cuddle together on the couch watching a movie. Play a non-competitive game together that’s fun. The objective is for the two of you to be together and have fun, without the stress of family matters or business issues.

Make having fun a priority for the two of you.
Doing something out of the ordinary changes a monotonous day into an extraordinary day. It can provide a spark of excitement and makes the day for the two of you. Planning a special day doesn’t have to require you to spend money. It can be something as simple as listening to your favorite music, cooking something that you both love. The possibilities are endless for doing something spontaneous or planning something that’s fun that the two of you can do. Spontaneity can contribute greatly to keeping your marriage alive.

Five Key Elements On How To Save A Marriage

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In today’s world, more than 50% of all marriages end with divorce. Against such odds, it is a necessity for couples to learn how to save a marriage. When problems arise you must try to act in a calm manner to resolve the conflict between the two of you. It certainly won’t be  easy due to the intense feelings that occur in marriage. But if you take care of the basic issues that the two of you have,  there’s a good chance you can prevent the more serious problems from ending your marriage.  While there is no magic formula, you can join the many couples that have learned the key elements on how to save a marriage. 

Control your emotions.

Discuss issues when you and your partner are in a frame of mind to have a conversation together. It’s important for both of you to talk openly about what’s bothering you without being agitated with each other. When emotions are out of control you may say things in anger. Try to work out the issues between you amicably, where the two of you can reach a resolution you both can agree to. Realize you both will see things differently about the issues that affect you. It is not necessary to agree on everything. But you must be able to reach an understanding.

Continue to Talk.

When you marry someone you plan to build your life together.  If the two of you stop talking to each other it can create distance between you. After awhile it’s like two strangers living together.  When communication is lacking the two of you lose the intimacy and closeness that is a part of marriage. You must take time to talk about things. This is a key element on how to save a marriage. So leave the attitude that “if he isn’t talking why should I?” Don’t make the situation worse, by shutting out your partner with the silent treatment.  Talking things over is the best chance to resolve your problems.

Don’t beg your spouse to stay if they want to leave.

Crying and begging your partner to stay may annoy him or her.Your spouse may get turned off and say “That’s the reason I am leaving, you are too pathetic and needy”  Or they feel sorry for you and decided to stay for a while. But it is only temporary.  It is  no lasting solution to your  problems. Both of you must want to stay together. There can’t be pressured. If your wife or husband wants some time alone to think about things, give them the time they need. The time apart could have a positive impact on your relationship.

Don’t involve your family and friends in your marriage problems. 

If you want suggestions on what to do about your problems, consult a neutral party. Avoid talking about your marriage problems to your friends and family. It can cause resentment to build up. It is not a good idea to have friends and family choosing sides. It is okay to accept support from family and friends during difficult times in your marriage. But don’t want them being blamed or targeted with resentment by the other partner.

Seek marriage counseling for help.
If you need expert counseling don’t hesitate to seek it out. Be sure to check their credentials. Even if your partner refuses to go, you should attend the counseling session for what you can get out of it. It can provide you with guidance and support at a time when you need it the most.  It will be worth the effort just to come away with some answers on how to save your marriage.

What Kind of Relationship Help Do You Need?

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The internet has made it possible for couples to find a plethora of relationship help, including couples’ therapy and couples’ coaching. To add to the confusion, relationship help books and free relationship advice can be found splattered all over the internet and in bookstores all over the world. How can you, a couple in need of relationship help, know where to turn when every option you see claims to have the answer to your problems?

You may be wondering why choosing the right type of relationship help is so important. Shouldn’t all relationship advice work? The answer to that question is yes, and no. Yes, most relationship advice works – if it fits your current relationship situation. No, not all relationship advice works for every couple.

The severity of your relationship problem should be your guide. If you have a serious relationship issue, a simple self-help book may not suffice. If you just want to deepen your connection or work on one or two aspects of your marriage, you may not need the intensity of relationship therapy. There are many different reasons why one relationship help option may work for one couple but not the other…

So back to our original question – how do you and your significant other decide where to turn for relationship help? First, start with our relationship questionnaire.

1. Do you fight often? Is it always about the same thing or do the two of you argue about everything?
2. Are there issues like infidelity, addiction or abuse in your relationship?
3. Is your relationship in turmoil (i.e. divorce or separation) or do you simply want to work on a few things to strengthen your connection?
4. Are you both ready and willing to work on the relationship?
5. Are there any emotional or psychological issues surrounding your relationship problems?
6. What barriers stand in the way of doing the work to heal or strengthen your relationship?
7. How consistent are you and your significant other with following through with things – particularly things that relate to your relationship?

Now that you have answered all of the questions in the questionnaire, compare your answers to the advantages and disadvantages of different relationship help options.

Free Relationship Advice

Free relationship advice is rarely sufficient at helping couples fix relationship problems. Free relationship advice does serve a purpose, however – it can help couples recognize the need for help.

Free relationship advice can also be beneficial for newlywed or newly dating couples. Free relationship advice can help you learn how to safeguard your relationship for the future. Free advice can give you the tools you need to quickly recognize a potential relationship problem. If, however, a problem is already present, it is best to find help elsewhere.

Relationship Self-Help Books

Relationship self-help books are great for individuals that want to work on their relationship. Maybe they want to save a marriage or get an ex back. Maybe they want to learn how to spice up their relationship, strengthen communication and connection or simply find out how to get that spark back they had at the beginning of their relationship. There are hundreds of reasons that an individual will find a relationship self-help book beneficial.

Relationship self-help books are also great for couples that want to work together on their relationship, especially if the issues in the relationship are minor. Relationship self-help books can help couples strengthen an existing bond, learn how to communicate better, discover techniques that can improve physical and emotional connection. Couples can find that spark that they once had in the beginning of their relationship with self-help relationship books.

Relationship books can also be a very cost-effective means of repairing a marriage that may have a lot of arguing or tension from things like children, in-laws, money or loss of connection. Couples should be aware, however, that relationship self-help books only work if you implement them. Couples that are not good at following through should consider another option.

Relationship Coaching

Both couples and individuals can find relationship coaching very beneficial. Individuals can work on improving their communication skills, self-esteem and personal growth. Couples can learn how to communicate better, diffuse arguments, learn techniques that can improve the way their relationship functions and find that connection that they so desperately miss.

Relationship coaching works well for couples that have frequent arguments about common relationship issues. Couples that have a fairly healthy marriage and mental state but struggle with follow-through are also likely to find coaching very beneficial. This is because coaching, unlike relationship self-help books, provide you with someone outside of your relationship to be accountable to.

Relationship coaching can be expensive but it is generally more affordable than couples’ therapy. It is less intensive than couples’ therapy but it is still more intensive than relationship self-help books. Relationships that are on the brink of separation or divorce may be able to find a solution with coaching. However, because coaching is less intensive, couples’ therapy may be a better option.

You should also be aware that relationship coaching is not intended for people who have serious emotional or psychological issues. Coaching is designed for emotionally healthy people that aren’t getting the full potential out of their life or their relationships. Relationship coaching is not a solution for abusive or addiction-ridden relationships.

Couples’ Therapy

Couples’ therapy is designed to handle deeply wounded or damaged relationships. Infidelity, abuse, addiction and emotional or psychological issues are best handled by a licensed therapist through couples’ therapy or individual therapy. While expensive, other relationship help solutions may not be effective for relationships in severe turmoil.

Please keep in mind that a relationship should never be unsafe. If you are in an unsafe relationship, you should contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1.800.799.SAFE.

While there may be other issues that require consideration when choosing your relationship help option, this guide is rather comprehensive and should give you a successful method for choosing the right type of relationship help.

Keep the Excitement Alive In Your Relationship

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Need a jolt? Spark? To liven your relationship, try these 7 things

1. Spontaneity: One main complain that couples have about their relationship, is that they are taken for granted by the other partner. Change this perception by doing something out of the ordinary that’s fun and exciting.  Arrange an evening together without any distractions, where the two of you can bask in the glow of each other. If possible, come home before your schedule time, and follow it with an unplanned activity you both can enjoy.

2. Plan a special day:Spend the whole day together. Surprise your partner by giving him or her special attention. Arrange a day together where the two of you can bask in the glow of each other. It will make your partner feel so very special to you.

Remember Important Things: Celebrate those events that mean something to the both of you, such as, when you first said I love you, the time you propose, your anniversary, etc,. You can send flowers to mark the occasion. Dedicate a special song to your partner. Send an e-card or text message with an expression of love to let your partner know that you are thinking about him or her.

4. Keep it Simple:You don’t have to make a fuss if it’s not your style. There are things which you and your partner can do together that doesn’t require you spending any money or going out somewhere. You could play card games, watch movies or T.V., read a mystery or romance novel together. You can stroll along the beach or in the park.  It doesn’t matter what the two of you do.  Spending time together in a fun-loving way will add excitement to your relationship.

5. Explore trying something new: Fulfilling your partner fantasy provides imaginative ways of satisfying each other. Partners who have been married a long time may be bored, and feel a  need to change the routine that the two of you have grown accustomed to. Since this is a sensitive area, make sure you consider your partner’s beliefs and feelings before you explore and introduce something new in physical intimacy with each other.

6. Stay connected!: It should be understood that the attention which was once exclusively only your partner’s, now has to be shared between your children and other things important to you.  But this can create distance between the two of you, causing you to drift apart. To avoid this problem, make sure time is set aside in the day, so the two of you can stay connected. Couples need time to reconnect and talk to each other. Don’t let anyone or anything come between the two of you.

7. Away time: If possible take a short vacation with just each other. If you’re not able to get some down time together, then as a substitute, schedule a message for the two of you at a local spa where you live. Even a few hours at a spa can transform the two of you with a pleasurable relaxing experience. Just getting away, however briefly, will keep the excitement alive in your relationship.