Things That Are A Marriage Saver To Your Relationship

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Marriages fail for various reasons. But, there are things you can do that are a marriage saver to heal your damage relationship. One of the main reasons for failure in a marriage is that the two of you do not see each other the way you use to.  At the beginning of your relationship the two of you felt a strong feeling of intense love. It made both of you feel you wanted to be together forever. So you got married, setup your living arrangement and begin sharing life together.

Now that you are married, you may no longer see eye to eye on what’s important to you. There are arguments over major and trivial things. At least one of you realize that the disagreements and conflicts between you must be worked out to save your marriage. If you could rediscover those feelings you had at the beginning of your relationship when your love was new and all you wanted was to be together.

To rediscover those feelings of intense love you felt at the beginning for each other, here are three things you can do that could be a marriage saver to your relationship.

First: Listen closely to what your partner is saying to you when issues get fierce between you.  But, the best time to talk, is when things are good between you. When you are calm and in a good mood it’s more likely you will be open listening to each other. Be observant to what is said and done. Don’t neglect to stay  in tune to your partner by really listening to him or her. Being observant will keep you in the know about what’s going on with one another.

Second: If you have grown apart, become connected again. Hold on to the love you have for each other. Closeness is vitally important in a marriage. It maintains a lasting love. And being sensitive to your partner feelings and thoughts promotes communication and physical intimacy. If you can stay at a place of closeness, it keeps the connection between you strong.  You’ll see what a different it will make in your marriage.  Show genuine interest and be inquisitive about your wife or husband to keep that spark between you, don’t let it die out. Discover new things together to enrich your relationship. Talk and share each interest. It will keep you connected.

Third: Talk about your memories. Let your partner speak to you about his or her memories, both good and bad from their childhood. There were things from the past that contribute to who you see and love. You may discover that the person you are married to, earlier in their life had fears, which still may be a nagging factor that affects him or her. These things may help you understand your husband or wife better and result in you having a stronger relationship. You may discover things that gives you an insight that changes your perspective about your partner, because of what was experience as a child. It will cause you to show a sensitive side to your partner, who as you have discovered, experience painful things, just like you.

The three things that are highlighted here can be a marriage saver that gives the two of you what you need to stay together through the good and bad times.

5 Steps To Fix Your Relationship

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Sometimes relationships, like broken ceramic vases, need fixing. Couples go through rough roads once in a while. These rough roads shake up a relationship no matter how stable it appears. Having these rough patches doesn’t mean that the relationship is ending. You and your partner can get through these problems together.

Here are 5 steps to fix your relationship.

1. Determine what is causing the friction and problems between you.

If you want to fix your relationship, do not pretend that there is nothing wrong. Once you determine the root cause of your problems the two of you must face them head on.

2. Avoid blaming your partner for mistakes.

If you play the blame game, it will only create more drama. And it won’t solve anything. Keep in mind you both have made mistakes during the course of the relationship.

3. Talk to each other on how to fix your problems.

If talking doesn’t clarify things, seek out someone to assist you in seeing clearly what the problems are, someone who can help in determining how to fix your relationship. Keep the lines of communication open with each other. The best way to fix a relationship is to  tell your partner about what’s bothering you. It’s the best way to fix a relationship. Don’t keep things bogged inside of you. This can cause the problems between you to fester and become worse.

4. Reaching a solution, give you the best chance of successfully fixing your relationship.

Both of you must come to a comfortable place where you can agree. Make sure you are exerting effort and making the necessary sacrifice to make things between the two of you work.

5. Give it time.

Don’t grow impatient, if the problems between you aren’t resolved right away. Problems usually don’t disappear overnight, especially when they have lingered between you a long time. If you are determine to stay together, you may need to give a generous among of time to fix your relationship.

The Reasons Why He Cheats On You

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There is nothing worse in a relationship than being cheated by your partner.  All of the confidence and trust that you built into the relationship is ruined when this happens. It creates a climate of distrust and suspicion. And it results in deeply hurt feelings. He may never be able to fully regain your trust again, even if he acknowledge he was wrong and asks you to forgive him.
But, why do men cheat in the first place? There are numerous reason why. In general the most common reasons why men cheat are listed below.

1. To get his revenge

If you have cheated on him, he may be the kind of man who wants to get back at you, by cheating himself. Even if the mistake took place in the past,  and you thought it was long forgiven, he may justify his cheating on you, since you did it first.

2.  For the thrill of it

For some there’s a  thrill and excitement that comes from cheating. The risk of not getting caught cheating can provide more of a thrill, than being faithful in their relationship.  For some men, cheating is a fun activity, a game that they create for themselves, whether then stay true to  their actual relationship.

3.  He hasn’t been caught cheating

Some men will continue to cheat if they haven’t been caught by their partner. They feel that they haven’t done anything wrong, since she doesn’t know about it.  They think, what she doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt her. For this reason, most men will continue to cheat until they are caught by their partner.

4. To boost his self-confidence

One of the best ways a man feel confident about himself, is to have members of the opposite sex be attracted to him. A man feels better about himself when women are drawn to him and fall in love with him. To him, it is worth cheating for this reason alone–it is a boost to his ego.

5.  He no longer loves you

The commitment he made to you, is now ignored, since he no longer loves you. It is now his excuse to cheat. If you still have feeling for him, you need to remind him of that love. Rekindle the memories you had together when you enjoyed being around each other. If that fails to set things right again, you will have to decide if your relationship can be saved.  Cheating is not always seen as the end of a relationship, if it is something you can accept from your partner. But it does reflect an immaturity when a person is willing to risk everything by cheating. To take the chance of ruining a relationship, shows a disregard for the feelings of your partner. But if you can gain insight and understand the reasons behind his cheating, you will be able to discuss your feelings about it and let him know the consequence for this action. Do not be afraid to discuss serious things with your partner. He may come to realize that the consequences for cheating is a risk that he doesn’t want to take, when he will lose what means the most to him–you.

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Save My Marriage (Ten tips on How to Do It)

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Everyday you are bombarded by all kinds of advice about relationships and marriage. At mrmarriagesaver  we want to give you important information that you will find helpful.  It is a good idea to think out of the box. Don’t automatically dismiss something without giving it a try. It could be the one thing that will save your marriage. So if you are searching for ways to save your marriage, before it is too late, help is available. At you will find resources in the form of articles, products, and services that can assist you with taking on the challenge of saving your marriage.

The ten things listed here are a place to start when you need an answer to your question, “save my marriage.”



  1. Ask yourself if the spark is still there. If you have fallen into a routine, a comfort zone, you are going to have to shake things up. There has to be a commitment to want to save your marriage. You may have to seek outside help or find resources for ideas and ways to recapture what you once had together.
  2. Is there communication? Second point to look at and ask yourself about is the communication. Is it good? How often do you say the following things to your partner?
    – How are you?
    –  How do you feel about us?
    –  What can we do together to make things right again?
    Notice that none of the phrases contained the word “I”. Make an effort every day to get to know your partner again, their thoughts, their feelings. Ask open-ended questions that will get you talking again.
  3. Look at your weekly routines and make changes.  If you have a guys’ night out and she has a girls’ night out, then choose one night that is just for you as a couple.
  4. Do something spontaneous, out of the ordinary! Suggest to your partner that you book a last-minute trip somewhere. When on the trip, don’t just lie around the pool, go out on boat trips, jeep safari or other thrill seeking adventures. Make it a fun and exciting time together.
  5. . Avoid being critical of your partner.  If you are constantly criticizing your partner then they will always be on the defense. Ok, so she has put on a couple of pounds since you married, chances are so have you.
  6. Don’t have arguments, have discussions.  It is completely untrue that arguments are good for a marriage. Discussions are better as each side can calmly put their point across and at the same time listen to the other. If you feel tempers are getting heated, explain you are walking away and will be back to talk when you have calmed down.
  7. Take the spotlight off yourself. Instead of saying I want to talk, rephrase it to, “Can we talk?” Start thinking like partners, who are working together like a team for the success of your relationship. And as partners the words, (we) (us) should be an integral  part of how you communicate.
  8. Are there any outside influences causing a change in the marriage? Did problems start when you changed jobs, moved to another house, made new friends? If there are any outside influences that you feel are causing a problem in your marriage, then get your feelings out into the open about it. Don’t keep unhappy feelings festering inside.
  9. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Think about how he or she feels. You want to go out tonight and he/she does not. Did they have a hard day at the office? Do they feel well? Would they rather do something else? Like watch a game, or cuddle in front of the television?
  10. Don’t just take. Remember give to your partner.  Taking for both partners is natural. Most people enjoy being on the receiving end of things. But, it’s like that old adage, “It’s better to give then receive.” Even if you don’t believe this, you know that when you give something to someone, it has a way of making  you feel good. And to the person that  you are giving something to, it makes them feel loved and appreciated by you.
    If you try the things above and it does not work out for you, don’t lose hope. There are other resources available to you. An independent view can often shred light on the issues that are causing problems in your marriage that you cannot see.

Can My Marriage Be Saved?

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If you have had serious problems in your marriage, you are probably asking yourself the same type of question, which is, can my marriage be saved?”

There are certain factors that can indicate whether a marriage can be saved or not. The key factor is, do the two of you want to save your marriage?

When my wife cheated, I felt ripped apart. No way, I thought, could I forgive her. Nor love her again. I needed time to forgive. I needed time to think. And I needed time to heal. I could not may a quick decision based on how I felt at that moment. To me, the question, could my marriage be saved, was no. At that moment, my emotions were intense and out of control.

If your feelings are similar, you need to wait to sort through things, then decide what you should do. But no matter how critical the situation is, the answer to the question, “can my marriage be saved?,” will have to be determined after you have had enough time to assess the situation to decide what’s the best course of action for the two of you.

Look at the following statements. Select the one that best describes your feelings and thoughts about your wife or husband.

  1. Even though I was cheated on, I still love my wife. My family and closest friends told me to leave her. But their advice bothers me.
  2. didn’t spend enough time with my wife. I was busy working. And when I was home, I was preoccupied with other interests. Thinking back, I now know that I took my wife for granted. Not that it is an excuse for her unfaithfulness. But the way I treated her, contribute to her looking outside of our marriage.
  3. When I describe my husband I use words like “thoughtful”, “responsible”, and “considerate.” He’s also a good provider and helps me with the children. I realized that the positive words reflect how I really feel about him.
  4. Despite the anger and hurt I feel, I don’t want to give up on my marriage. I don’t want to end my marriage over a momentary indiscretion. At one time we were “crazy in love”. If I felt that way then, maybe I can feel the same way again.
  5. In a moment of intense bitterness I considered divorce. I did not even want to try to save my marriage. But after some soul searching, I couldn’t bring myself to get a divorce.
  6. If we are both willing to look at what went wrong in our marriage, to understand and make things better, then our marriage can become stronger.

Of course it won’t be easy to save your marriage. It may take professional intervention. It will take a lot of talking and listening. And you will need to make the effort to understand and have the patience to hang in here when things get tough. Nothing less than a commitment to your wife or husband will be needed to see the marriage through. Only then will you be able to answer the question, “can my marriage be saved?”

How To Get Your Ex Back When You Were Left For Someone Else

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Did your girlfriend or boyfriend leave you for someone else? Are you asking “How do I get my ex back,” because you desperately want him or her back, even though you were left for someone else?

There are some things that you need to think about first like:

Consider dating others.

1 – Actually, it may be best that you pursue others, at least until you sort through things. By moving on to others, and being nonchalant about getting back with your ex, it may relieve some of your stress. You are also showing your ex that you are confident and able to get along without him or her.  This type of quality makes you more appealing to others, as they view you as a bit of a prize. Also, because you are not moping around and wallowing in self-pity, it makes you more attractive.  Caution, don’t overdo it.  By being indifferent to your ex feelings, it could backfire.  It could keep you from getting the one  you really want, to come back to you.

If you are still interested in getting back together with your ex, after you have been separated for a while, then your feelings for him or her are genuine and deep.

2 – Prevention is often better than the cure.

If you want to prevent losing your ex again,  it is vital that you come to understand what happened to cause the breakup.  If you learn from the experiences of your past, it will become easier for you to prevent this situation from occurring again.  Some common reasons for breakups, are being needy and cling. Also being bored with the relationship, and arguing over things without reaching an agreement that settles the problems are issues too that need resolving.

Crawling back to your ex, after a week or two of cooling off is not a good option. Unless you have taken the time to resolve what is causing the problem, you make find yourself in a vicious cycle of repeatedly breaking up with the one you love.  A better option is to change how you relate to each other. This can prevent serious problem between you. Take the time to figure out what is causing the problems between you, before the two of you try to rekindle things.

What caused the breakup?

3 – In most situations, it is likely that  your ex left for a reason. What does the new person in their life offer or have that you don’t provide? What is the new girlfriend or boyfriend giving that you are lacking when your ex is with you? If you can’t answer these questions, you may only be able to keep your ex around temporarily. In time your ex may leave again. Unfilled needs and wants can  drive your ex away for good.

You may have to make some changes to win your ex back.

If you make some changes,  it could give you an edge over your competition. This can give you the ability to win your ex back. If it means taking better care of your hygiene or dressing nicer, behaving more conventionally,  getting your ex back will mean you have succeeded.

The great advantage you have is, your ex has been in a relationship with you.  There is a comfortably level of being used to certain things that your ex has grown accustomed to.  This gives you an edge over the competition for his or her affection. It  easier for your ex to come back to you, rather than trying to start a relationship all over with someone new.

There are no simple answers that will help you get your ex back. But it helps to have a plan.

To sum this up you need to understand that the answers above for your question “How Do I Get Your Ex Back When You Were Left For Someone Else?” has no simple answers. However, you can increase the odds of you winning your ex back if you have a tangible plan to show her you want to get back together with her.

How to Make Up After A Breakup

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A breakup is often very painful. But it does not mean it has to be the end of the relationship. Relationships have ups and downs . A breakup may simply be one of the “downs.” There are things you can do to restore your relationship. To fix your relationship and give it another shot, here’s are some tips and insights to help you make up after a breakup.
You need to:

  • Avoid playing games. If you are sincere about making up, do not play mind games with your ex. No matter how tempting it is to go out with someone that’s attractive to make your ex jealous, it’s a foolish game to play, one you can lose. The same holds true for any psychological tricks that you may be tempted to play – avoid them at all costs. What you need to do is to be honest and open up about why you would like to give your relationship another try. Share how you truly feel.
  • Take care of yourself. It is important to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy to maintain a strong relationship. No one wants to be around someone who exhibits signs of not taking care of themselves. You cannot accomplish your goal of making up if you are moping around and being depressed. Find something to make you feel alive again. Bring back those feelings that life is worth living. It will make your partner see you in a new light. Most of us like being around others who radiate vitality and excitement. To show an air of confidence, tells the person that even though you want to make up, you are not desperate. Nothing is more attractive than a confident and emotionally healthy individual.
  • Find out the reason for the breakup. Before you can make up after a breakup, you need to know what went wrong in the first place. Did one of you cheat on the other? Was the relationship going stale for a long time? Did one of you want change? Among the first steps in making up, is to find out the real reason behind the breakup.
  • Communicate. The strongest indicator that you may be able to successfully make up, is, if you are able to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. Speak with each other without shouting, yelling, or laying blame. Listen to your partner. Be honest in communicating about how you feel. State with emphasis what you believe went wrong in the relationship. If you both agree with what the problems are, you can then work toward a resolution that will lead to the two of you making up.
  • Be ready to make a change. It’s a good thing to change something in your relationship that leads to the two of you becoming happy again. A change which results in better communication and intimacy will enhance your relationship in new ways with excitement and freshness that you had loss.

To make up after a breakup requires that you both proceed with a plan to fix yourself as well as the relationship. The tips and insights presented here will assist you in that endeavor.

12 Mistakes Most People Make When Trying to Get an Ex Back

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Depression, feelings of rejection and a desperate need to get your ex back start from the very moment they say, “It’s over!” You’ll do almost anything to have them back. You try your best to communicate to them just how much you love them and that you really do need them. You make at least one, if not all 12 of the most common mistakes that people make when trying to get an ex back:

  1. You call, text or email them constantly.
  2. You call their friends and family members to find out the truth or see how they’re doing.
  3. You ‘accidentally’ bump into them.
  4. You engage in self-destructive behaviors (binge eating or drinking, not eating or sleeping).
  5. You spend your days in sweat pants, eating Ben and Jerry’s, watching Sleepless in Seattle.
  6. You call them names or say hurtful things.
  7. You try to make your ex feel guilty for abandoning you.
  8. You try to get revenge on your ex.
  9. You apologize constantly – even if you weren’t at fault.
  10. You profess your undying love to them.
  11. You send them flowers, candy or other gifts.
  12. You follow them around.

Your actions are out of anger, hurt and abandonment. This is completely normal after a breakup! Sadly, however, these actions will only make the breakup more concrete in the mind of your ex. As you claw desperately to regain their love and affection, you are actually shoving them further and further away. Before too long, you will push the relationship to the point of no return.

What Can You Do?

The most important thing to do at this point is to stop making the above mistakes. By stopping now, even if you have made many, or most, or even all of the above mistakes, you increase the chances of successfully getting your ex back.

Of course, getting an ex back requires a little more skill, knowledge and work than just refraining from poor behavior habits. You also have to know what things you SHOULD do to make your ex want you again. And yes, it is possible. We have seen it work with some of the ‘get an ex back’ programs we have reviewed.

Which One Should You Try?

To be honest, we can’t really recommend one over the other. Each has its list of positives and negatives. While one might be better for marriage, another would be better for dating couples. Additionally, one method might work for you better than the other. What we highly suggest is that you take the time to look over the reviews posted here on Mr. Marriage Saver and decide from there.

We have done most of the hard work for you. We searched out the best of the best get your ex back programs. Now all you have to do is find one that fits your needs and your relationship, buy it and get started!

Strengthening Your Relationship Through Support

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Learning how to give and receive support is essential to strengthening your relationship. Everyone at times need support – a hug, a kind word or just someone to listen. Support lets you know that you are loved and that the person you love most understands you. And it gives you reassurance to know that someone is there for you when you are hurting.

In most relationships,  support is given to each other. Often with the best intentions the type of support you give is what you hope to receive in return. But, everyone is different, so each person requires a different type of support.

Understanding Why You Feel That You Have No Support

When you need support the most that you tend not to be receptive to those trying to offer support. You are likely to be snippy, stressed, short-tempered or edgy, even if your partner is trying their best to give you the support you need. And to make matters worse, your partner may not have any idea what type of support you need.

When you feel unsupported, it like your partner doesn’t care about your needs. You may see him or her as  insensitive to your needs. Your emotions may have you feeling you can’t rely or trust your partner. Because of your emotional state, you feel that you can’t rely on your partner. So, you don’t ask for support, even though you need it.  Without a sense of support from your partner, like a a house of cards, your relationship will crumble to the ground. Feeling frustrated having trying their hardest to be supportive, your partner doesn’t know what to do.

Learning to Recognize Your Partner’s Efforts and Communicate Your Needs

Most people in a relationship want to receive support from their partner. But it is important to learn how to recognize your partner’s efforts. even if the type of support being offer isn’t what you need. When support is offered you just need to accept it. And later when you are given a chance, explain to your partner the type of support you need from him or her.

Let’s put this into real-life context. Say, for example, that your sister just lost her job. She is really upset about it and so are you. You are worried about her being able to care for her children.  After telling your partner about the situation, he offers a suggestion.  He thinks your sister to apply for a job at the local gas station.

You can respond through your emotions, which are already rife with worry and fear.

“Now why would you say that? You know that gas station has been robbed three times in the last six months! I didn’t ask you for advice! Why won’t you ever just be there for me? You’re always so insensitive. I can’t talk to you about anything!”

That’s one way you can respond to your partner.  Or, you can say: “I realize that you’re just trying to help. But, right now, I really just need you to listen. Can you just listen to me for a while?”

In both contexts, you will receive a   reaction from your partner. But, if it is support for you that’s needed, you want his respond to reflect that, which is to listen to your concerns about your sister, not hear his suggestions. If your partner understands the type of support you want, he will feel capable of being able to give it.

The Power of Support

Some know people who will be there whether times are good or if it’s a crisis. It’s good to know no matter what the situation, you have someone that you can rely on to be there to support you. This is what everyone needs in a relationship. It’s important that you and your partner effectively support one another.  This will empower you,  and give a sense of security.  It also connects the two of you in a trusting relationship that promotes love and strength that can last a lifetime.

10 Signs Your Ex Wants To Get Back Together

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It’s been awhile since you broke up with your ex.  Your mind continues to drift back to when you were together.

Gone are the angry feelings when you both said things you didn’t mean. You’re wondering if there’s a chance for the two of you to put the past behind you and start again. You still have a special place in your heart for them.

Such feelings and thoughts are common for those who want to re-establish their relationship. So, instead of wallowing in sadness, longing for your ex, see if they have  similar thoughts about getting back together with you.

Here are 10 signs your ex wants you back.

1. Your ex sends you a handwritten note expressing responsibility for their words and actions that contributed to the break-up.

2. Your ex is willing to talk  and communicate about things in an effort to work out the problems that affect your relationship,

3. They desire to romance you again, like when you first met.

4. They lavish you with compliments on how good you look.

5. They are willing to receive outside help from a professional to get your relationship back on track.

6. You are informed by them that the prospects for their future is bright, due to a career change and a better job.

7. Your ex is more attentive to you, offering to run errands, asking you if there is anything that you need.

8. They makes an extra effort to be attractive in manner and appearance, interjecting light-hearted humour, dressing and smelling nicely.

9. You are invited to events by your ex, that interest you both, creating something the two of you can share later.

10. Your ex is still unattached! And they try to be around you a lot.

There are certainly more signs that can reveal to you how your ex feels about you. And that they want you back.