The Root Cause of Breakups, written by Nicole Gayle is designed for people interested getting an ex back, stopping divorce or fixing the current relationship you’re in. To be completely honest, the very beginning of the description of her program seemed just like every other ‘get your ex back’ program. After digging a little deeper, however, The Root Cause of Breakups was found to be one of the most valuable and little-known relationship help secrets on the market.

What’s in the Program?
Just by looking at what’s in the package, you can tell that Nicole’s program is different. Just like many relationship books on the market, The Root Cause comes with a 100 page e-book. But that’s where the similarities end. Nicole also offers 2 audio coaching programs with two bonus files and…get this…a 15 minute coaching session! If you have never had coaching, you are in for a real treat. Coaching is one of the most effective tools for helping you heal, recover and change. It gives you a sense of accountability but it also provides you with something more; encouragement.

What it Will Cost You
This was another shocker. The Root Cause of Breakups was also found to be one of the most affordable programs on the market. You receive the e-book, coaching session and audio coaching programs with the two free audio files – everything mentioned above for just $24.97. The coaching session alone is worth more than that!

How Can it Help?
This is what it all comes down to…how can the program help you? The Root Cause of Breakups is so much more than just a ‘get your ex back’ program. It is a program designed for anyone who is in a relationship, has been in a relationship or will ever be in a relationship.
The Root Cause of Breakups can help you:

• Avoid a breakup.
• Avoid divorce
• Help you strengthen and renew your current relationship, especially if you don’t know where you stand.
• Get back ex wives, ex husbands, ex girlfriends or ex boyfriends, even if they don’t want to work it out.
• Help you heal from a past relationship that you can’t let go of.
• Help you understand why you keep getting dumped.
• Help you develop healthy relationships now and in the future.
• Help you discover why you can’t be happy with anyone but your ex.
• Help you absolve your fears about the outcome of your relationships.
• Help you overcome your resentment at couples that are happy because you can’t seem to find a good relationship.
• Help you stop feeling frustrated about your love life.

What Makes it Unique?
What makes The Root Cause of Breakups unique is its approach. Unlike other programs that focus on surface issues like jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, money, incompatibility issues or other common ‘causes’ of breakups, The Root Cause of Breakups goes to the source of your problems. It helps you dig deep into the heart of your relationship problems, ‘the root,’ and eliminate the problem for good.

If you have ever tried to pull a really big weed out by the root, you know that getting to the root isn’t as easy as chopping the base of the weed. But as we all know, when you cut the weed at the base instead of taking it out by its root, it’s only a matter of time before the weed surfaces, yet again. What’s even worse is that the root is now stronger because it has been allowed to grow and mature all this time.

The fact that The Root Cause of Breakups really does go beneath the surface of the problem, attacking and reomving the root, is what really won us over. Too many programs offer you cheesy, unrealistic exercises, lines and tactics. So many other programs try to place a band-aid on something that really needs repaired from the inside out. That inside out change is not your mate or love – it is you. You are the focus of The Root Cause of Breakups – not your love. By changing the way you see yourself, see your partner and see your relationship, you change the way your partner sees you.

Disadvantages to Buying the Root of Breaking Up
It was pretty hard to find a disadvantage to buying The Root Cause of Breakups. If there had to be one though, it would be that the success of the program depends on you. While Nicole offers you all the tools you need to succeed in your relationship, you have to implement the program. You have to make positive changes and decisions in your life. This can be some pretty tough work. If you are not willing to do some soul searching and dig down deep to remove the real root of your relationship problems, this program probably isn’t for you. Keep in mind, however, that by not removing the root of your relationship issues, you are likely to continue down the same lonely path you’ve been on.

Final Recommendation:

Our final recommendation is to buy the program, use it, discover yourself and heal from your past relationship problems so that you can move forward in your life and find happiness in your relationships, get your ex back or avoid breaking up.

*Please keep in mind that The Root of Breaking Up is not intended for destructive or abusive relationships. If you are in a dangerous relationship, you should seek proper help. Serious marital problems may require couples therapy in place of or in conjunction with The Root Cause of Breakups. The Root Cause of Breakups is not responsible for bad decision making or failure to comply with the program.