Are you firing hurtful words at your partner?

Have you ever wished you knew what to say to your love? Ever feel like the things you say seem to create conflict and strife in your relationship? Are you tired of the distance, the arguments and the indifference between you and your spouse because you don’t know how to communicate with each other? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will love The Magic Relationship Words book.

Written by Susie and Otto Collins, Magic Relationship Words is designed to help couples talk to one another in a way that can eliminate conflict and improve connection and intimacy. As the title indicates, this is done through a series of ‘magic words’ that Susie and Otto experimented with in their own relationship. The phrases worked so well that they wanted to use them more and more and, eventually, they decided to share their wonderful knowledge with you.

What You Get

You receive instant access to Susie and Otto’s Magic Relationship Words eBook – all 146 pages of it. The book is broken down into easy to read chapters that help you work through each ‘magic word phrase’ at your own pace.

What we really liked about the Magic Relationship Words book is that you learn more than just the phrase itself – you learn exactly how to say the phrase so that you deliver the right message every time. They teach you the tone and the body language you should use when saying the phrase. If you have ever been on the receiving end of someone’s kind words that are delivered with the wrong tone or wrong body language, you understand just how important this section is.

In addition to the book, Susie and Otto have included 90 minutes of audio files. Unlike a lot of other relationship programs, these audio files are not just the book you have already purchased. The audio files offered with Magic Relationship Words are actually an extension of the book.

The first is a file on Magic Relationship Words That Build or Rebuild Trust – very important if you and your partner have a lot of hurt and trust issues. The second is a file in which Susie and Otto address some of their most commonly asked questions.

Three other bonuses are also included with your purchase of Magic Relationship Words.

  • Bonus 1 – 21 Words, Phrases and Sentences to Never Say to Your Partner, Spouse or Lover
  • Bonus 2 – 10 Communication Mistakes Most People Make in Their Relationships and What They Can Do to Fix Them
  • Bonus 3 – Susie and Otto’s Love and Relationship Weekly Newsletter

What it Will Cost You

Susie and Otto’s Magic Relationship Words would normally cost you $49.95 but, right now, they are offering the Magic Relationship Words, all three bonus items and the audio files for just $29.95. Considering all of the great information you get with your order and how much that information can impact your relationship, it really is worth a lot more. We were pretty surprised at the price when we saw everything that came in the package and we believe you will be too.

How Can it Help?

Magic Relationship Words is not a ‘get your ex back’ program. It could be considered a ‘save your relationship’ program. But really, Magic Relationship Words is a makeup book that can help couples who are starting to notice animosity in their relationship – before things get too bad. While it can be used to help rebuild relationships, with the help of the audio files, this book may not be intense enough for serious relationship hurt and issues.

Overall, the benefits that you can receive with the Magic Relationship Words book and bonuses include:

  • Better communication.
  • Closer connection.
  • Deeper level of intimacy.
  • A feeling of being heard and validated.
  • A new and loving way to bring up difficult issues with your partner.
  • Learn how to make requests to your significant other in a way that is clear, concise and loving.
  • Discover how to tell your partner what they need to hear so that they can better receive your true message and feel loved, even when the conversation is not a positive one – especially when the conversation is not a positive one.
  • Know how to respond when someone criticizes you.
  • Discover ‘magic words’ that will help build trust in your relationship.

What Makes it Unique?

Unlike most of the other relationship programs we have reviewed here on Mr. Marriage Saver, Magic Relationship Words can be used in all relationships – newlyweds, couples that fight all the time, couples that fight sometimes, couples that feel like they have lost the connection in their relationship – it really does cover a wide variety of relationship stages.

We also found that this relationship book was highly unique in its approach when compared to other relationship help books. Instead of teaching you exercises to strengthen your relationship, it approaches the words you say and how you say them. Words are more powerful than many of us let on. By learning how to communicate more lovingly, honestly and effectively, you enhance your connection. Improving connection improves most, if not all, aspects of the relationship.

Disadvantages of Buying Magic Relationship Words

There were definitely a few disadvantages to buying Magic Relationship Words. While we did find it to be a valuable program, we really felt that the book would benefit greatly from a workbook to go with the program. A workbook would enhance and personalize the experience by helping you determine how you could apply each ‘magic word phrase’ to your personal relationship.

Another disadvantage noted was that this program is not for all relationships. Seriously damaged relationships are likely to need more help than Magic Relationship Words can provide. Additionally, if you and your significant other are already separated, you might find better assistance from one of the ‘get an ex back’ programs we have reviewed.

Final Recommendation

If you want a better connection with your partner, want to learn how to communicate more lovingly and more effectively, we highly suggest that you buy Magic Relationship Words. If you work through the book proactively, you won’t be able to help but notice the massive improvements the ‘magic phrases’ bring to your relationship.