Marriage Makeover, written by relationship expert Kara Oh, is designed for married couples that have lost the spark in their marriage. Deemed as “The Heart Whisperer,” Kara has been interviewed on hundreds of television shows and featured in popular magazines like Cosmopolitan and Women’s World. But what makes Kara so popular? Could her program help strengthen YOUR marriage? Can you really find that intimacy and closeness with your spouse again? We’ve reviewed Kara’s book, Marriage Makeover to find out.

What’s in the Program?

With the Marriage Makeover program, you get the Marriage Makeover Manual, Creative Ways to Tell Him AND Her “I Love You,” an audio recording of the Marriage Makeover Manual, and lifetime access to Kara’s private women’s support group.

The Marriage Makeover Manual provides you and your spouse with some amazing tips for putting the spark back in your marriage and easy to implement marriage advice. You and your spouse can read the manual together and grow closer with each page you read– in just a few minutes a day.

The Creative Ways to Tell Him AND Her “I Love You” give you and your spouse fun, sexy and heartfelt ways to tell each other “I love you.” These tips add a sense of fun and intimacy to your marriage. Best of all, each of you will have your very own book to use.

The audio recording of the Marriage Makeover Manual is great for couples that are constantly on the go or that struggle with finding time to read the book together. The audio files can be downloaded onto a mobile device, allowing you or your spouse to take the program with you everywhere you go.

While all of the above features to the Marriage Makeover Manual are absolutely amazing, the Women’s Support Group is probably our favorite. Not only do you get to meet, connect with and support other women that are trying to keep their marriage healthy, you can also ask Kara private questions!

To sum it all up, Kara’s Marriage Makeover Program offers you all the tools and support you need to put the fire back in your marriage, bringing you and your spouse closer each and every day. She offers one of the most complete and comprehensive relationship repair programs anywhere!

What it Will Cost You

With all of the amazing tools and support systems offered with the Marriage Makeover Program, we really expected a pretty hefty price. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that you can order the entire program for just $37! You and your spouse will receive everything you need to repair your marriage within just minutes. You also receive Kara’s 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are unhappy with the program, just request a full refund before your guarantee expires. This guarantee ensures that you have nothing to lose and only a healthy marriage to gain.

How Can it Help?

Kara’s Marriage Makeover Program isn’t like other relationship books. Her program gives you real tips and techniques that you can use and implement in just moments a day – techniques and tips that really do bring you closer together. Through Kara’s program, you and your spouse will:

• Renew that spark you had at the beginning of your relationship
• Bring fire and passion back into your marriage.
• Become playful with each other again.
• Enjoy more love in your relationship than you ever had before.
• Develop the intimacy and emotional connection that you have always dreamed of but thought was impossible.
• Communicate so effectively that you and your spouse will become infatuated and completely in love with each other, all over again.
• Learn how to use things that normally cause arguments to help you connect better and find new ways into each other’s hearts.

What Makes it Unique?

There are so many unique aspects to Kara’s Marriage Makeover program that it would be impossible to discuss them all, but we will share our favorites…

• Marriage Makeover can be done in just minutes a day.
• Focuses on strengthening the bond and connection that is already there instead of trying to change one another.
• The support group is one-of-a-kind that offers you helpful support for as long as you wish to participate.
• Program designed for him and her. This is very rare and we absolutely love this feature.
• Helps you and your spouse move your marriage and each other to top priority status.
• It’s written by Kara Oh….yes, we are fans!

Disadvantages to Buying Marriage Makeover

If we had to come up with one, it would be that some relationships aren’t meant to be repaired, particularly relationships that are hurtful or abusive. But then again, if the relationship shouldn’t be repaired, it is highly unlikely that Kara’s program will be purchased. After all, few abusers would pay Kara’s tips or tools a second thought. Still, it’s worth mentioning that, if you are in an abusive relationship, you should seek proper help.

Final Recommendations:

If you want a healthy, passionate, loving and intimate relationship, our recommendation is to buy Marriage Made Easy. You really can’t go wrong with a book written by Kara Oh, and with the money back guarantee you really don’t have any excuses for NOT strengthening your marriage and renewing your relationship.