The Root Cause of Breakups Review

The Root Cause of Breakups, written by Nicole Gayle is designed for people interested getting an ex back, stopping divorce or fixing the current relationship you’re in. To be completely honest, the very beginning of the description of her program seemed just like every other ‘get your ex back’ program. After digging a little deeper, however, The Root Cause of Breakups was found to be one of the most valuable and little-known relationship help secrets on the market…..Read More






 The Magic of Making Up Review

Get your ex back program, The Magic of Making Up, written by T.W. Jackson is designed for anyone that wants to know how to get an ex back. Married, dating, cheated, cheater – it doesn’t matter. According to T.W., otherwise known as T Dub, the principles of getting your ex back are all the same. He also believes that any relationship can be saved. But is he right? Does his relationship saving program really work? Can you really overcome any problem and get your ex back in your arms? We reviewed The Magic of Making Up to find out……Read More




The Magic Relationship Words Review

Are you firing hurtful words at your partner?

Have you ever wished you knew what to say to your love? Ever feel like the things you say seem to create conflict and strife in your relationship? Are you tired of the distance, the arguments and the indifference between you and your spouse because you don’t know how to communicate with each other? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will love The Magic Relationship Words book.Read More





Marriage Makeover Program Review

Marriage Makeover, written by relationship expert Kara Oh, is designed for married couples that have lost the spark in their marriage. Deemed as “The Heart Whisperer,” Kara has been interviewed on hundreds of television shows and featured in popular magazines like Cosmopolitan and Women’s World. But what makes Kara so popular?…..Read More