A healthy Marriage Has These 5 Ingredients

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A healthy Marriage Has These 5 Ingredients


Couples get married every day. Sadly they get divorced every day too. Of all the things a man and woman can decide to do, marriage is perhaps one of the most difficult. The getting married part is easy. It’s having a successful and happy marriage that’s difficult to achieve.

More than half the people who decide to get married will find themselves facing a divorce within five years or less. Although these statistics are alarming, the divorce rate has declined in recent years. The primary reason for this decline is couples have spurned the traditional marriage and have chosen to live together instead.

Living together, whether married or not has its challenges. What makes a marriage healthy? The reasons are varied. Some of the factors are social, cultural, and religious.

There are some key ingredients that a marriage has to have to succeed.


There must be a commitment from both of you to make the relationship work. For some commitment is a scary word. They back away when anything serious is require of them. Their mind conjures up thoughts of a ball and chain, a nagging spouse and mounting bills. A commitment requires maturity and soberness of mind, that even when things are difficult, you will remain together.


You must talk about things! It seems so simple. Most know how important it is to communicate about things with each other. Yet couples fail to include this essential ingredient. Not discussing your thoughts about issues, nor expressing how you feel, will lead to a misunderstanding about things. Make it a priority to talk about what’s going on in the home and at work. And don’t forget to share your private thoughts and feelings. The things you have been holding in, let them out! Only when there is complete openness and honesty, by communicating with each other, can a deep level of intimacy be realized, which is what you should strive for in your relationship.

Satisfy each other needs

Strive to meet each other needs emotionally, mentally, and physically. You must desire to take care of one another in every way. It should be a pleasure and not a chore. Treat your partner as a friend and a lover. Love, appreciate, admire, and respect each other. You will find that this ingredient in your relationship can do wonders to make those petty annoyances that all couples experience a fleeing moment in time.

Maintain a good balance of work, relaxation, and pleasure

Work, laugh, and play together. When a decision has to be made, do it together. Set common goals and work toward achieving them.

Keep a sense of humor

A sense of humor is a must if your marriage is to survive. Take the time to have some light moments. A sense of humor is a great quality to cultivate. Whenever you can interject something to bring laughter or cheer to your partner, that will help to lighten things between the two of you. There are enough serious things in life we all have to face. Having something to make us laugh is uplifting. It gives us the resiliency to overcome whatever life send our way.

Ingredients of a good marriage are like the ingredients of a good recipe. It is lasting. And it is satisfying.

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