7 Signs of Marriage Trouble

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The number of people getting a divorce has decline. But there is still evidence that many couples are increasingly unhappy about their marital situation. There are a number of reasons why couple endure an unhappy marriage. They stay together for the sake of the children. Some don’t want to admit to failure. And during these difficult economic times, it is easier to remain married, then try to support separate households by living apart. The truth is, marriages seldom end quickly. Couples have invested too much into their relationship to just give up on it. And feelings of love may remain for each other.

It is imperative you recognize the signs that your marriage is in trouble, to make it easier to resolve any issue. Even small problems can become irreconcilable, if they are not dealt with and worked out satisfactory for both of you. Ignoring trouble between the two of you, thinking it will be forgotten in time, is a recipe for divorce. Deciding to get a divorce can have a far-reaching and lingering effect on everyone, especially if it’s a bitter one. And where children are involve, if the breakup is not handled amicably, it can be devastating.

Watch for these 7 signs of marriage trouble and resolve to take action:

1. You no longer have fun with each other. No matter what you do you wish you would have stayed at home and both of you are miserable.

2. Compliments are rare or non-existent. Neither of you say anything nice about the other.  Criticisms are on the increase.  It seems like you can’t do anything right. So you no longer make an effort to even try to please your partner.

3. You more content and happier to be alone. The only time you can relax and be yourself is when your wife or husband is not at home.

4. One of you is a neat freak and considers the other one a slob. One of you is always picking up after the other. And there is constant nagging about this issue to the point of aggravation to the other.

5. You try to save, while your wife or husband spends money recklessly. This can be a major problem if bills go unpaid. It can also be  a source of constant arguments.

6. There’s a lack of sexual desire and intimacy between the two of you. This could indicate that one or both of you are going outside of the marriage and being involved with other people.

7.There’s no agreement or planning about things to look forward to. You no longer can agree on future goals and refuse to discuss anything beyond what’s currently going on in your lives.

If ignored marriage problems can cause depression and anger, which can affect the entire family.

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