5 Successful Marriage Characteristics

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Looking back to when you first met your husband or wife, you remember the warm friendly smile. Your heart raced with excitement as a nervous energy tugged at you. The momentous occasion that ushered in your marriage, may still linger as a fragrant memory. When you think back, you remember that you wanted to be together forever. It is this heartfelt sentiment that motivate you to want to work at having a successful marriage.

Here are five characteristics of a successful marriage.


In a successful marriage couples are committed to work to resolve their problems. Instead of seeking a way out, they look for common ground where they can come together and agree. They understand that in a relationship no one will see eye to eye on everything.


The ability to listen to your partner without being critical and judgmental, makes them feel what they are saying is important to you. It gives them the opportunity to communicate their thoughts and feelings. In an atmosphere where you are listening to each other, issues and conflicts are more likely to be resolved. Compromises can be reached, and at the very least, you agree to disagree. By communicating and listening to each other, intimacy on the deepest level can be achieved. Listening is a key characteristic in a successful marriage.


It is important to break the monotony of marriage by doing something unexpected from time to time. It could be the simple act of sending flowers, or taking the time to write a note expressing your love. You could invite your partner to a walk in the park, to a free outdoor concert, or to an art exhibit. The unplanned pleasure of being together can add freshness and excitement for the daily routine of your life. Couples who have fun and enjoy each other, find their lives together more pleasurable. Some occasional spontaneity some kind of spark, lets your partner know that you are not taking them for granted. Interjecting some spontaneity into your marriage is a great way to add an element of surprise that breaks the monotony of marriage life.

Resolving conflict

There has to be a way to resolve conflicts in your marriage that is satisfactory to you both. Couples who develop the ability to resolve their conflicts have acquired a successful marriage characteristic. This is essential to the survival of a relationship. There is no one way of resolving conflicts which works for everybody. Couples have varying personalities, temperaments, and styles that requires them to apply an individual solution at working through differences and problems. Some couples prefer to talk things through until they reach a conclusion or simply run out of things to say to each other. Others come up with a compromise where the problem is no longer an issue. And then there are some couples who simply choose to argue angrily about everything on a frequent basis. Yet, remain together. For them, this way of resolving conflict works. You have to discover what work best for you and your partner when it comes to resolving the conflict in your marriage.

Romance and enthusiasm

Romance creates intimacy in a relationship. If you reminisce to when you first met, their was a surplus of enthusiasm that sparked your romantic feelings for each other. A partner who is made to feel desirable by the enthusiastic pursues of the other partner is less likely to be dissatisfied with the marriage. And romancing your partner makes her or him feel attractive to you. It assures them that they still can ignite an enthusiastic feeling of desire in you.  It could be a reason why you have a successful marriage.  In marriage made easy, you’ll find real people who share their experience on what has  kept their relationship successful.

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