How Strong Relationships Survive

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A strong relationship is necessary for a life of togetherness in marriage. Many marriages fail because the relationship, which is the basis of a marriage, was not strong enough. Building a strong relationship can lead to understanding your partner better, good communication, and create greater intimacy in the marriage between you. This article reveals things you can do to make your relationship strong .

For starter, partners are not always in sync or have the same temperament. It is true that opposites attract. This attraction can be enough to bind them for life! In a strong relationship, both partners bring something to their marriage or partnership. My parents had one of the most successful marriages that I could think of; and they were the most diverse people I knew! While my mother was the level-headed one, my father was more of the “seize the day” kind of person, the dreamer. My mother brought my father to earth, when he flew from reality. While he brought her the imagination to dream, to look beyond the here and now, to make the impossible into possible!  This is one striking feature of a strong relationship.

Another feature is the respect they have for each other. A couple I knew was predicted to be a failure by many because he was an average government employee while she was a neurosurgeon. Everybody thought that the wife ruled over the husband, because she earned more and was successful. The fact was, the wife respected the husband deeply because he had given up his higher studies, knowing she had a bright future. There was never an ego clash between them. Many men tend to devalue their partner, seeing them only as a homemaker. These men think having a successful career is more important than being a housewife. There must be mutual respect between the partners, an appreciation for what they both brings to the relationship. This is essential for a strong relationship. If a partner feels devalued and disrespected, the seed of failure will take root in their marriage.

When partners are in a strong relationship they know that it is important that they talk to each other. Taking the time to communicate is a way of preventing problems from becoming more serious. It keeps you connected to each other.This is how many relationships survive even when one partner is thousands of miles apart from the other. Modern technology gives us the ability to stay in touch even through the internet. If you want to have a strong relationship, you must find the time to talk to each other. It is quite tough in today’s world, where men and women are competing to get ahead, running in that rat race to succeed. Married couples are also bombarded with the tasks of rearing children, paying the bills, buying groceries, and dealing with an assortment of issues that confront them on a daily basis.

Still despite all the challenges you and your partner will be confronted with, you must make time together your #1 priority,

when you both can be alone and connect with each other to make sure your relationship remains the strongest it can be.

Couples everywhere have discovered that in a strong relationship they have to keep the lines of communication open with time set aside to talk and share. No matter how busy you may be, your partner needs to know that you will have time for them.

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